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Chapter 26: Teaching is like French Kissing

So, I was talking to a friend yesterday and came up with the most profound thing I’ve ever said……(see above statment). We were discussing her fear of jumping in the game and starting to teach (we were in Teacher Training … Continue reading

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Slim to None….the FULL Book Review

As promised, I am now, finally, reviewing the whole book – not just a slim selection….haha! I crack myself up! Here’s the skinny (again, I’m on FIRE with these puns), I liked the Slim to None by Jenny Gardiner. It … Continue reading

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Chapter 25: Is this real life?

I thought about starting this post with whatever you say when its been ages since you last went to confession, but since I don’t really get that, I’ll just appologize to you instead. Oh my goodness! I can’t even believe the … Continue reading

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Chapter 24: Saving the Zebra a Seat….

I remember my best friends growing up – we’d always save eachother a seat on the bus – or at lunch….or a spot in line for a great ride at Six Flags. There was something about the act of saving … Continue reading

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“Play the Ball Where the Monkey Drops It” – Book Review: Slim to None

‘Play the ball where the monkey drops it’ Just take it as it comes. it is what it is. You do what you have to in order to get by. Don’t go getting your panties in a wad. Stop trying … Continue reading

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Jews played basketball? at an average height of 5’8???? NO WAY! – Book Review: Jewball

I’ll admit, what drove me to read this book was its quasai-offensive title. Yup, part of me was just a lil’bit offended when I see a title called Jewball – until I saw the bi-line: Neal Pollak – an MOT … Continue reading

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Chapter 23: Life lessons for those I love

Two months ago, Tanner called me out for not sharing what I’ve learned. Within the last two weeks, I imparted some wisdom onto Nikki, Katie, Mitch, Amy and Jackie – so, here are a few of the more important lessons I’ve … Continue reading

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