She GONE: Book review – Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn

gone-girl-book-cover-medWhen I read the NY Times’ review of Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn, I was immediately taken and realized that the book was not just a fad, but would be truly a GREAT read.

The Times’ review aptly described the necessity of a board game to plot the intricacies of Nick and Amy Dunne’s relationship – almost like a combination of Chutes and Ladders, Sorry and Monopoly and Life – in which you climb great ladders only to fall into an abyss of mystery, hear the words “Sorry!” said with laughter and malice, definitely go to jail, maybe collect $200 and could end up with a baby or two along the way.

The book opens innocently enough – a couple, celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary in much the way they had in the past. But then the story – and their lives – begins to unravel: Nick goes to work and Amy…..well, Amy goes ….like she GONE….

Fast forwarding thru the novel, you begin to see that two stories are emerging. The story of the misguided, stupid husband who made mistakes, acted selfishly and possibly – just possibly – fell out and back in love with his wife. And then there’s the other story – the story that Amy tells…..a story of deceit, anger, violence and just a bit of crazy.

Keeping my fingers busy, this book was definitely a page-turner. I finished it weeks ago and, due to other circumstances, I’m just getting around to reviewing it – but the good news is that its still on the bookshelves at your local stores and with the holidays, you may have a new reason to escape the craziness of your own families to sneak off and read! OR if you are going to be sitting by a ski-lodge fire or pool/beach-side, this is a great book to bring with you!

One thing is for sure, I feel blessed in my marriage and in my mind. I may leave myself at times, but I am certainly NOT a Gone Girl.

Rachael’s Grades:

Writing: A

Character Development: A+

Plot: A

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