Book Review: Warsaw Requiem

when I hear the word Requiem, I think of Requiem of a Dream….and when I think of Dream, I wish I had slept. But, alas, I did not.

I’ll get to the reasons for my lack of sleeping first:

1) our A/C was out and it was hot and humid

2) our windows were open (see above)

3) our neighbors are drug dealers and had people in and out of their house all night…ALL NIGHT (until 5:30 a.m.)

4) everytime I tried to sleep and was awoke, I picked up this BOOK and read it!!!!!!

Ok, so now about the book: Warsaw Requiem by Bodie and Brock Thoene. I hope you aren’t sick of reading my reviews of these Zion Chronicles – I’m almost done with them and have a few books to read once I’m done (including the new Ken Follett book!!!! yippee!!!!).

What’s important to know about this series is that, unlike so many series that introduce new characters each book, in these, it works! I mean, it really works. Just when you think you are bored of a story line, the Thoene’s introduce a new character! And, talk about the development of those characters, Nu!, they are amazing.

I know this review probably leaves a little to be desired in detail, but it should tell you something when 6 books into a series, I’m still riveted!!!!

As soon as I’m done with the series, my next two are:


Rachael’s Grades

Writing:  A

Character Development: A

Plot:  A


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