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Chapter 33: While we are on the subject of Hamlet

Ok, so I don’t know if we’ve ever been on this subject, but who cares!? I need to rant a second – do you know anyone who likes to claim they are a good “_____________” fill in the blank with … Continue reading

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Chapter 32: Doing it Double-style and failing = HUMBLED

Ok, get your minds out of the gutter. We’re trying to make a baby, not catch an STD……Yesterday was a long day. (I did go home for “lunch” though….so you can giggle if you want……short window and time is of … Continue reading

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Guest Book Review by Molly Morton: Stupid and Contagious…. is it stupid? No, is it Contagious? Hell Yes.

My friend Molly graciously wrote up a review on a book she absolutely loved… I hope that you will show her some love and read this review!!!!! Thank you Moll! Guest blog post about Stupid & Contagious Stupid and Contagious…. … Continue reading

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Chapter 31: I swore I wouldn’t do it, but…..

I’m not a private person, per se, but I’m certainly not a “let me tell the world all my business” either. I tell my close friends things that I would tell my mother and my dogs hear everything, but otherwise, … Continue reading

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Random Thought I HAD to Share!

My friend Molly shared this quote from a play/movie I now HAVE to see (The History Boys) over Facebook and I simply LOVED IT! I had to share it with you because it is the very essence of this blog … Continue reading

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New Month – New Series: Zion Covenant (by Brock and Bodie Theone)

Howdy folks! I am sorry for being so slack on my posts lately, but I’ve been totally and 100% absorbed into a new series of books. Well, not really new….but new to me! Actually, a friend of a colleague-friend suggested … Continue reading

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Chapter 30: Reunions, Recipes, Birthdays and LOVE?

It’s weird when a holiday falls in the middle of the week….and this past week was no different. I mean, I read 3 books last weekend, which feels like a month ago; I worked almost a full week – despite … Continue reading

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