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Chapter 18: What’s a Coxsakie

Hand-Foot Disease to those of you who aren’t as childish as my friends and I are……and aside from the fact that I hid in my house after contracting it on my FACE……it is a word that, when discussed among 4 … Continue reading

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Book Review: POSER–My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses

“Thought is kind of the problem child of yoga. It can obstruct the way.” – Poser, page 72 To tell you I enjoyed this book  would be an understatement. While not a typical read for this fiction-whore, I will tell … Continue reading

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Chapter 17: Apologies + a Bonus (2-minute breakfast recipe!)

I’m reading too many books at once….and it’s about to get worse. So, this is an apology of sorts….. here’s what is on my nightstand RIGHT THIS MINUTE: Ask and It is Given Poser: My life in 23 Yoga Poses … Continue reading

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Chapter 16: Expectations are Dangerous

I know that I know better. I absolutely know better. And yet, still, I hold people to these expectations that we all know are, sadly, unrealistic. Perhaps it is because I try to hold myself to the high standards when … Continue reading

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Chapter 15: Homework sucks

Yeah, I said it….homework sucks. I hate it. I just don’t enjoy reading books when I know I have to read them. And yet, still, I did not start reading this book until I was told it would be homework. … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Bells, by Richard Harvell

Well, my mom’s book club has done it again – they picked a winner! I’m not used to getting book suggestions from my mom – it’s usually me who is suggesting ideas for her to read – but having burned … Continue reading

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By Request: Oat Bar Recipe

Get Ready for YUMMILICIOUSNESS!!!!!! My new obsession is actually the coconut oil I used in these, but the bars are so friggin’ good! Well, folks, you’ve asked for it and I’m gonna give it to ya! While totally not on-topic … Continue reading

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