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A not so welcoming-back Book Review: Deadlocked

Meh…..didn’t love this. And was so hoping to be able to deliver to you, my patient and faithful, an awesome book review, even if the book was not challenging. Alas, I have failed you. But, its not my fault. I … Continue reading

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Chapter 29: Parenting our Parents

Upon returning from Chicago, where I visited dealt with dad, my boss says the following to me: You, know, Rachael, my friend’s mom said this and I think it has merit: the reason parents become helpless and sick when they … Continue reading

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Chapter 28: I found my crack substitute….and I’m addicted

Need I say more? Uh, yes, Rachael, you do…… Ohhhhhkayyyyyy: I have officially become addicted to yoga teaching teaching yoga!!!!!!! It is my own, personal, crack and I like it. I like it a LOT. I was a teaching (subbing) … Continue reading

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Chapter 27: Funky Fresh and in with a BANG

ARGHHHHHH! I’m in a total reading funk. I have no attention for books right now? maybe its because the weather is so nice (until yesterday) or maybe its because we are so busy (which is nice)……or maybe I’m just not … Continue reading

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Yoga is rehearsal for death – Book Review: “Stretch: The unlikely making of a yoga dude”

In true Pollack fashion, STRETCH kept me reading (and laughing) from teh first page to the last! Now, let’s be honest here: I’m a yogi. Or am I yogini? whatever…I practice yoga. I can’t imagine that the yoga-averse would find the humor … Continue reading

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