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Chapter 11: Its time to get over yourself

So, at what point do you just get over yourself? Really – at what point do you look in the mirror and say, “Self, you are pretty awesome, but have a bite of humble pie”? For me, this came about … Continue reading

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Chapter 10: Momentum is Just Like Your House Keys…..

LESSON TO SELF: once you start something, don’t stop! mo·men·tum force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events: The car gained momentum going downhill. Her career lost momentum after two unsuccessful films.   … Continue reading

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Book Review: Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell

Recipe for Success Mix in an average person 1 cup natural talent 2 cups hard-work 2 cups opportunity Best served anytime, anywhere….. Ok, so that might not be Malcolm Gladwell’s edict on success – but it’s the best summation I … Continue reading

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Chapter 9: We are learning here

I’m not quite sure what’s going on with me – I feel like I’m here, there and everywhere – though I’m probably nowhere at all…. Did I mention that two weeks ago I started Yoga Teacher Training (aka 200 hours … Continue reading

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Book Review – The Lotus Eaters: A Novel by Tatjana Soli

Perspective is a powerful thing. We become so accustomed to hearing a story one way, that when we hear it told from a different perspective, a different way, it is beautifully disturbing. Or at least it was for me when … Continue reading

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Chapter 8: Broke Down Highway

Happy New Year friends! I won’t lie to you here: 2011 was a turbulent year – not much different from 2010, sadly. So, I welcomed 2012 in last night with open arms (wish it was with open hips, but that’s … Continue reading

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