Rachi – are you for real?

Hi! I’m Rachael – after much nudging, I’ve decided to create this blog to catalogue some of those moments in life that just need cataloging….and, in candor, to help me remember!

I’m one of those people who just keeps getting busier. I’m not really able to just “sit and relax” – so reading has become my vege-out activity. That AND really bad reality TV – like Real Housewives of New York and New Jersey! But….I digress…..

Earlier this year, my husband (David) and I moved from Chicago – where we were both born and raised – to Charlotte. It was a bit of a cluster – as we’d only gotten married in September of 2010 and were only given 30 days notice to pack up and go!

And, while making friends has never been an issue for either of us, in the beginning, I was really lucky to have my books. A life-long reader, I’ve been blessed with an uncanny ability to manage 3-4 books a month, and to get completely engrossed – almost to the point of living vicariously thru the characters! The problem: I can’t always remember why I loved/hated the book – just that I read it and either loved or hated it. I hope that this helps my memory and, thereby, helps y’all find some good new reads or re-read some really awesome oldies!

In this blog, I hope to inspire you to read something different; spare you from the horrible excuses for literature, make you laugh and sometimes (hopefully not too often) make you cry. Lord knows I have an arsenal of stories ranging from the annoying to the hilarious – and make new ones daily.

Without a “mental bookmark,” I do tend to get lost in my life and I may bring you with me on these little side journeys – please just sit back and enjoy the ride. And, if you have book suggestions or want to challenge my opinion – bring it on! I love a good challenge!!!!!


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