925 Pages and I’m Finally DONE: Book Review (Winter of the World)

Happy thanksgiving y’all!

I was lucky enough to get to read for most of mine……..and while I’m a fast reader, 925 pages is a LONGASSBOOK, friends. So I’m sorry that it’s been so long since we chatted and I hope you can forgive me. I mean, even reading 300 pages a week – well maybe more like 250 – makes me fast; this book was just long and thorough.

That said, and without further delay, I’m excited to tell you about the second book in Ken Follett’s new trilogy chronicling the 20th Century. The first of this sequence, Fall of Giants starts with the Great War – detailing the evolution of England and the United States and the challenges facing Germany and Russia. In Winter of the World, the latest volume and the eater of most of my time over the past few weeks, he continues on with the story – taking us on a voyage thru the volatility and situations that lead up to, thru and following the 2nd world war.

While I’d love to detail all of the characters for you, or even set the stage, I would have to dedicate my entire blog to this topic for months…..truly. What I can say is that, in true Ken Follett style, he has masterfully depicted the 30s, 40s and 50s with his array of characters and historical references. And, in keeping all of the existing characters in tact from the first book, he is able to delve even deeper into their lives without overwhelming the reader.

As I said, 925 pages is a BIG BOOK, but those 30 years really do impact our lives TODAY, so there’s no way around it. What’s incredible to me about this book is that Follett is able to beautifully intertwine the story lines so effortlessly. The characters seem to ebb and flow and the story is NEVER lost. Sometimes, it does get a little choppy, but the story continues and, in the end, ties together well.

Here’s my only complaint: neither this, nor the Fall of Giants, were as good as The Pillars of the Earth or World Without End. Maybe it’s because my exposure to this time period is much deeper, or maybe it’s because I’m older….or maybe it’s because he kept us waiting so damn long, but the first two were just better……..
Whatever…..I still love me some Ken Follett – and if you like historical fiction, you will enjoy this.

Rachael’s Grades

Writing:  A-

Character Development: A

Plot:  A

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