Chapter 25: Is this real life?

*Courtesy of Wanda Koch Photogrpahy*

I thought about starting this post with whatever you say when its been ages since you last went to confession, but since I don’t really get that, I’ll just appologize to you instead. Oh my goodness! I can’t even believe the week I’ve had.

First of all, I am a friggen YOGA TEACHER…can you believe that? when I started my yoga practice 4 years ago, I really just did it because the class fit with my schedule, I was unemployed and I was looking for something new to do – Oh, and because my arms were still going numb and the doctor thought it would help….but that’s a different story altogether. 

So, here I am, 4 years later and BAM! it has become such an integral part of my life. I crave it. I went from practicing ONE type of yoga twice-thrice weekly to embracing all sorts of yoga – even meditation!!!! – nearly every day. And, 6 months ago, for some unknown reason, the universe told me to sign up for teacher training… I did. 

What’s strangest is that, yes: my practice got stronger…..but moreover, I like myself so much more now. Ok, I liked myself just fine before, but judging by the friends I’ve made and new relationships I’ve built, I can tell that I’m a better, more stable person now than I ever was before. For that, I owe the crew shown above everything I have. 

So, let’s see – what else – I had a GREAT meeting with some folks on Monday; we threw a shower for two friends who are getting married late this year (yay for Dara and Heather!); two of my closest friends in Charlotte started teaching this week (Mitchy and Tater, you girls kicked some massive A$$; so proud!) and I….yes, me…..Litterachi…..begin teaching on THURSDAY.

OH, and I finished Slim to None – full review is coming – and am starting in on a new Neal Pollack book called Stretch. I go for my professional photoshoot with Wanda Koch today – which is bugging me out. I have to wear all white…..which should look simply mahvelous on this pasty, round body of mine…..but whatevs, I’m all good with it! 

While most of my week was good, I also learned that my cousin is off to Afghanastan – he’s a drone pilot and while I’m sure he’ll be fine – I worry. I hate it, but he’s a big boy and a smart kid and this is his JOB. Protecting our freedoms. I will keep telling myself all this until he returns. 

So, as we all go into this Memorial Day weekend (btw, let’s all remember and thank our veterans), I – for one – will take a few deep breaths, slow my ass down and enjoy the summer we are about to have. I hope you’ll do the same 🙂

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