Slim to None….the FULL Book Review

As promised, I am now, finally, reviewing the whole book – not just a slim selection….haha! I crack myself up!

Here’s the skinny (again, I’m on FIRE with these puns), I liked the Slim to None by Jenny Gardiner. It was not deep, nor was it beautiful prose, rather a beach-read, page-turner that – truth told – might only hold the interest of chunky-monkeys or reformed chunky-monkeys. I can’t see someone who’s naturally thin – you know the kind – the girls who are so unlike Abbie and me…the ones who can eat anything and never work out and still not gain a pound….sometimes even LOSING WEIGHT – enjoying this book.

While the plot is pretty thin (again, I’m just hi-LAR-ious), and the ending is, well somewhat predictable, I found Jenny Gardiner’s writing to be self-depricating (even though I don’t think she looks fat here, do you?) and funny. She has a way with words that, despite the trivial subject matter of this book – not that being fat and wanting to not be fat is trivial (i struggle with that inner fat-kid daily!), makes you want to keep reading.

Now, what the book lacks in intellectually stiumlating topics, it makes up for in food! Yup, you got it – RECIPES GALORE in this book. Almost every chapter has a receipe – or at least cultivated some ideas for me as to what I could create on my own. 

I am curious as to where she got these recipes, though? are they from her own box-o-recipes or did she pilfer them from others? Does she have a friend Abbie who is fat and gave them to her?

Another of my curiosities is why, prey-tell, if Abbie is such a delightful chef, would she want to be a food critic? I would think that she would want a) her own restaurant b) a TV cooking show or c) to write a cookbook? I dunno, my uncle was a movie critic …. but he couldn’t act or direct or write movies……I bet if he could, he’d have done that instead.

Anyway, if you are looking for an easy read that doesn’t cause brain-damage or ask you to think too much this summer, this is a great one! And I mean this in the most positive way I can…’s a good beach/airplane read. I promise – no kidding!

Rachael’s Grades:

Writing: A-

Character Development: B

Plot: C

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