Chapter 26: Teaching is like French Kissing

So, I was talking to a friend yesterday and came up with the most profound thing I’ve ever said……(see above statment).

We were discussing her fear of jumping in the game and starting to teach (we were in Teacher Training together); she’s hesitant, for fear of sucking.

Here’s the straight dope: when you do something for the first time, you will likely suck. Unless you are the Mac Daddy of Mac Daddies and never suck at anything, in which case, you are likely a fictional character in the Saturday morning cartoons on Nickelodeon or ABC Family Channel. It’s just not real.

Remember the first time you french kissed? Do you remember not knowing what the FUCK you were doing? Remember how you got all sloppy? You might have even gotten your lip bitten or bit someone elses? And yet, unless you are weird, you probably kept doing it. So, in other words, you sucked at sucking face and still, you did it anyway.

So, what’s the worst that happensanonymous friend?You stink? So practice with friends before you leap into the world of “yoga bitches and warlocks” or heater nazis. And if you suck, you suck. Your passion for your practice and your love for your friends and all those you meet will totally shine thru any suckage you may bring to the table.

That and good music. Always good music.


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