Hippy-Dippy and Freaky-Deaky

I’m not a hippy – or at least, I don’t think I am. I don’t make my own clothing, nor do I wear anything hemp. I don’t smoke pot (or cigarettes, anymore!). I haven’t been to a JAM BAND show in AGES. And yet, Wednesday night, I went THERE.

Ok, by THERE I don’t mean that I was in a drum circle wearing tie-die and dreads and hemp and smoking the reefer…..instead, I just stepped outside my comfort zone and got a little more educated in the finer arts of energy healing and Reiki and unblocking chakras……sounds pretty hippy-dippy, right?

So, for those of you who are not so in-tune with your inner hippy-child, or don’t frequent yoga studios or other such establishments, you might be wondering, what the hell is reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. (for more information go here)

It was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced.  When Ash tested me to see what “stone” I was, I was a little skeptical. I love things like this – and, yes, I can communicate with the dead (we can discuss that later) – but there was something that was just too out there for me to get.

She had me lie down on my back, put a lavender eye-pillow (that she made for me! you can see those here) over my eyes and then she began. At first, I felt this strange tingle and I thought “CRAP! HOW ARE MY LEGS AND ARMS ALREADY going NUMB?!” and then, after shaking them out as innocuously as I could, I realized……that’s not numbness….that’s ENERGY.


Ok, so why did I do this? Well, as I’ve told y’all before – we’re trying to make a baby. I want to be a mommy. And Ash thought that maybe I had some blockages in my chakras….presumably the one that has most to do with reproduction.

Good news: 5 of my chakras are open. Not so good news: 2 are blocked. And when I say blocked, I mean, BLOCKED.

As Ash moved up from the Root Chakra (that’s the bottom….duh!), she would have me visualize colors or “light” – and, once we got to the Third (Solar Plexus) and Fourth (Heart) chakras – it was like we hit a brick wall. I couldn’t see the colors she wanted me to see (yellow and then green) to save my life. I had no problem with the blue that came next (Fifth / throat) and I know I can see red – the two bottom chakras. So, what the hell does this mean?

We were surprised I guess you could say – because the chakra that most easily correlates with reproduction is the spleen (or the Second chakra).  And yet, my issues were with self-confidence, personal power and relationships (well, maybe that’s got some merit). She asked me what (and not to answer out loud) my deepest fear is? And identified that once I could claim it and release it, I could unblock that part of me.

I mean, talk about COOL! Right? So, here’s what makes this cool:

  • Energy is awesome: Within our physical being, we have the potential for so much. Our bodies are their own ecosystem and energy, while intangible, is dominant
  • It’s not a cure for things but it is tool – I mean, you aren’t going to CURE cancer by giving someone a reiki treatment, but perhaps you assist them to allow the other cures to work? Or maybe, it’s just a peace of mind thing? Either way, why not?!?
  • If you are into self-reflection and sense of self, its absolutely mind-blowing
  • It’s not permanent – just like massage or psychological therapy, this too is a process; it’s an evolution
  • Most importantly, because I said so….plain and simple. IT’S AWESOME BECAUSE IT JUST IS!

Ok, so now you want to know how to get your hands on some awesome? While I wouldn’t normally become a drug pusher (yes, I think reiki could be considered a drug – a drug of AWESOME….), but I do want to get y’all introduced to my healer – in the event you want to give this thing a go. She lives here in Charlotte – and teaches with me at Y2. She’s creative as all get-out and sweet as pie. From her own lips, “people think I’m flighty because…well, I give that impression…but I’m not. I am NOT” – and she isn’t. She’s organized and methodical and punctual and responsible and overall AMAZING.

The incredible Ashley Avilez – isn’t she just so cute?!

I found a test you can take about Chakras and thought it was pretty cool. Click here for it.

Please feel free to ping me with questions or thoughts. I have no idea if this has helped me, but I can tell you that I’ll be going back for a second session – and probably a third. I just find it fascinating and, if it helps us to bring a baby into this world, that’s an added bonus!

from my 5th chakra (throat – communication, etc) to yours…..Nama!

P.S. – also started reading again….I’ll deliver a book review soon 🙂

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