Labor Day, The DNC and other Shennanigans

Another week and, still, no new books to report on – sorry. I just haven’t been feeling like myself and I hope that y’all will forgive me.

the view from across our personal pond at the house we rented.

we even had a bridge and could feed the fish!

David, Jay and the Girls playing around at Biltmore

We were in the mountains for the holiday weekend with the entire Weiss clan. Yes, all of my inlaws (not David’s mom, but all the rest), to celebrate my FIL’s birthday (tomorrow), my nephew’s birthday (the 18th), my niece’s birthday (last Tuesday) and my own (last Tuesday). Oh, and Labor Day too! We rented a house in Hendersonville and had a great time. We hit up the apple festival and the Biltmore and LAAFF; we took family photos (hoping to post some soon) and ate a TON. Like, as in, I feel like a hippo today TON.

The ONLY tractor I’ll ever ride…..

And, when it all ended yesterday, we came home to a whole different kind of circus – the DNC is here in Charlotte. While my office is open from 10-3, it’s as quiet as Church on a Tuesday at 11 p.m. I mean, its EMPTY here.

People along North Tryon Street for CarolinaFest 2012, Monday September 3, 2012. The free family-friendly Labor Day Celebration serves as the kick-off to the 2012 Democratic National Convention. It features interactive expositions, family oriented-activities, live music, speakers and lots of food. DAVIE HINSHAW,
Read more here:

Most companies re-routed their employees to work in other locations – so our parking lot was EMPTY and the commute wasn’t SOOOOOOO bad. It did take me twice as long as normal and my car was one of only 3 in my line of cars that didn’t get searched. On the other hand, while this is a bit of a nuisance, it’s a great spotlight on our new home and I hope that it brings business and opportunity with it.

And, in other news:

I almost started crying when teaching yesterday. I decided to last-minute substitute my friend Melissa’s class on Monday night. Immediately prior to teaching, however, I had a really hard conversation about my own fertility (or lack thereof, so it seems) with my mom. I was bawling and had to pull myself together in order to teach. So, when it came time to talk to the class – somehow depositing some nugget of love, inspiration or encouragement, I started to cry. I talked to them about just letting thigns happen and trusting that they will. It was, in-part, my own attempt at telling myself that same message. The impetus: My mom thinks we are trying to hard – and maybe we are. But as a control freak, the fact that I cannot control how my body responds to our efforts to make a baby is PISSING ME OFF. No, really, it is pissing me off fierce.

And so, we carry on. Don’t get me wrong, trying is fun. But honestly, I’m sure we can have fun once the baby is made, too…….

My doctor at Charlotte OB is the BEST and I am glad to have him on my side – but even he thinks its time we up the ante and get “serious” as he puts it about having a baby. He’s not a “wait and see” kind of guy, which is probably why I adore him so much! He wants me to  go back for round three of the chlomid this week with a follicle scan and a blood test, while he gets me in to see one of two doctors at REACH.  I have two referrals from friends, so hopefully, between all of this and trying not to stress (huh? what’s that?!), the universe will open up and let me conceive.  Oh, and a friend is going to open my chakras – though i’m still not sure what that means (and yes, I am a yoga teacher who doesn’t get the whole Chakra thing, YET).

And, this is all I hope to share with you until there is good news – after all, this is NOT a TTC blog. (I don’t even like the term TTC….it sounds so…well…..i just don’t like it.).

So, if this helps any of you to understand why my head is NOT in books right now, I hope that you’ll forgive me. I know I’ll get back to them – and I will start tonight, so that I don’t leave you disappointed……

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2 Responses to Labor Day, The DNC and other Shennanigans

  1. A.M. says:

    hey i just wanted to say hang in there! A good friend of mine has said to me “may your challenging days be days of growing in patience, understanding, and love” I’m so sorry your heart is aching right now; but despite what your going through, the sunshine is still there; will always be there; though temporarily covered by clouds. There are teachable moments in every aspect of life; and often it is through the most difficult that we learn and grow the most; if we can remain open … letting go of the desire to control (anything) is often an act that is filled with freedom and piece of mind. I know you feel frustrated right now, take comfort in the love and support you have around you. It seems you have such a loving family … know that you are never alone through the difficult times you experience. Much Love to you and yours!

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