Summer Doldrums

In the famous (or not) words of Fiona Appel, “I’ve been a bad bad girl…..” I’ve just been so lax on just about everything that doesn’t concern babies, yoga and my family. I really have. I haven’t been to the gym (Yoga is at the studio, not the gym) in weeks; I finally went for a walk with Jessie yesterday – and it was the first in a while. David and I had a date on Saturday night – which we hadn’t done in almost a month? Maybe more? Oh, and I haven’t read a PAGE – not ONE – in like 3 weeks? Since I put down the Jennifer Weiner book; yeah, that’s about right.

Not sure what’s going on, but I think it has to do with the end of summer, nearing of my birthday, the DNC’s approach and the chaos that will ensue, and some other stuff that I’m working thru right now. I hope it ends after a weekend in the mountains.

Yep, we head out to Hendersonville on Wednesday to celebrate my birthday, my (David’s) nieces birthday (we share a day), my (David’s) nephew’s birthday that was 2 weeks ago and my FIL’s 70th. We are taking family photos, which I’m stoked about – and my friend Courtney is doing the honors! We are going to just chillax – which is long-overdue in the Weiss household.

Speaking of my household, Gabby gave us quite scare on Saturday night. For those who might not know (not sure if I told you or not), Gabby is VERY VERY OLD. Like as in, she’s defied average life span OLD; as in she’s rotting from the inside out OLD.

Well, part of getting older is losing her vision and hearing. And, sometimes, her mind. David brought her upstairs for bed the other night and while he and I were brushing our teeth, she decided to take a walk. Not sure to where, or more importantly WHY –  but for some reason, she decided to linger near the stairs.

Next thing we know, “dunk-dunk-dunk-dunk-dunk [pause] dunk-dunk-dunk-dunk-dunk”….

Yes, ladies and gents, Gabby tumbled from the top of the stairs all the way to the bottom.  Running after her, we checked her out and, miraculously, she is fine. She was embarrassed……and it’s no fun when an old dog gets embarrassed. It’s even less fun to think that we now have to watch her ever more closely.

Here’s to hoping our dog sitter has no trouble with her this week!

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