Dear Jennifer Weiner…please be my friend (Book Review)

Dear Jennifer Weiner:

I love you. I love your books. I saw you on WWHL with Andy Cohen and….yep…LOVE. YOU.

I have read every one of your books. I know they aren’t rocket-science, but even for this picky reader, they never disappoint. And, lovely friend, The Next Best Thing was definitely your next best thing.


Ruth, our heroine, is easy to love. The story you create for her is both common and unique. She’s the kind of girl – like I imagine you to be, Jen (can I call you Jen?) – that you just want to befriend. She’s slightly broken and incredibly strong-willed, muddled with self-doubt, but not self-loathing and, above all else, smart, funny and kind.

In this latest of your fun, beach-tacular reads, you uncover the “sexiness” (yeah, right) of the television industry. And you don’t mince words. You discuss, without discussing, all that is wrong with our world today – the false pretence, the inauthenticity, the over-inflated egos and kill-your-own-mother-for-the-money rat race that is clearly defined as Hollywood.

But you know what I love most? The male characters you introduced this time around. They aren’t PERFECT…but they aren’t the guys you hate, either. Dave is the kind of guy you MARRY……and I want to be his friend as much as I want to be yours (yes, I know he’s fictional and you are famous, but whatever….)

So, Jen, what’s next? I feel like I know you (I don’t) and I want to know more. Please….can we just be friends?


your loyal reader: Litterachi

Rachael’s Grades

Writing:  A

Character Development: A+ (duh)

Plot: A

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