The Journey Continues | Book Review: Zion Covenant – Books 3 and 4: Munich Signature and Jerusalem Interlude, by Brock and Bodie Thoene

As promised, I’m making my way through this 10 book series – albeit slowly – and I’m finding myself both riveted and unable to read. I think I’m at that point in the summer where, unless I’m sitting by a pool, I just can’t pick up a book. It happens.

Again, the books take you thru the trials and tribulations of a series of characters and families – both “real” and “created”, all of whom are fictional – during Hitler’s rise to power. Both of these two books begin by introducing us to Leah’s daughter and her somewhat unlikely love interest.  And while their story evolves – and further intertwines the characters we’ve come to know and either love or love to hate, we learn more and more about history by following Elisa and Murph, Leah and Shimon and Anna and Theo.

What I found most riveting in these next two books, is that Hitler’s rise to power was – in fact – brilliant. His manipulation of the people was tremendous (a fact I knew), and his fear was overpowering. Even those men within the “movement” who may have disagreed, the fear was too great. I also found it interesting that these books prove that, amidst the destruction, love can and does blossom. Life begins anew in the strength and makings of those who belive it possible.  These are love stories amidst one of the greatest stories of HATE this world has ever known.

In similar style to the first two, the prose is beautiful, the story lines are riveting and the characters are well developed.  Munich Signature takes you through what happened as Hitler’s power spreads within Europe; it goes into detail about Shimon Feldstein’s escape from a “working factory” and his journey on board a ship destined for death. It give you a glimpse into the thoughts and determination of those who found their way back to life.

Jerusalem Interlude, however, introduces a whole new concept into this series:  Hitler’s influence over the Middle East. Did you know that his power even extended to the Middle East? I didn’t! I had no clue that some of the hatred we probably still experience between the Islamic Fundamentalists and the Israeli Jews was begat from Hitler’s mastery of propaganda.

As I’ve told you before, I often start to get “bored” or find it challenging to read when a series extends beyond 3 books…… So, I am going to take a break from the series … maybe read a couple different books before resuming. I will, however, finish this series and give you details as I do.

Happy reading!

Rachael’s Grade:

Writing:                                         A

Character Development:           A

Plot:                                                A

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