Chapter 33: While we are on the subject of Hamlet

Ok, so I don’t know if we’ve ever been on this subject, but who cares!?

I need to rant a second – do you know anyone who likes to claim they are a good “_____________” fill in the blank with whatever religion they happen to be, but – when you drill down, they are no better than anyone else and probably breaking every commandment possible?

No? Oh, then let me tell you about someone I know that really – especially as of late – is just irking me to death. (note, I do not proclaim to be a good [fill in this blank].)

Said person likes to claim (s)he is a good Christian (for a step-by-step guide to what this means….yes, I looked it up…click here). And still, (s)he is none of the things on this list. (S)he is nasty, mean-spirited, condescending, snyde, arrogant and just plain unpleasant. (S)he sits in judgement of others and not of self and, while I can’t be sure, would wager on a lack of prayer when at church….. it’s probably more like “spouse hunting international.”

BUUUUT (s)he goes to church though, so that makes it better right?

I guess my point is – and this is NOT about religion, so much as it is about what I call “The Hamlet Syndrome.” (not familiar with Macbeth…read here. Maybe I should have too….since I directed you to the wrong story!)

You know what I mean, right? “The Lady Doth Protest to Much” and shit…..

If you have to spend your time telling people who you are and what you stand for, you are probably not being who you claim and standing for anything. Actions speak so much louder than the words we speak. So, if you want to claim to be a good anything, the first step is BE GOOD.

No, really…..just be good. Be kind. Be empathetic. Be generous. Be human.

If you have time, while you are doing or after you are done being GOOD, to go to your preferred house of worship or the gym or work or whatever you do with your time, AWESOME. If not, maybe take a step back and work on the first part – be good.

What’s amazing to me is how much I try to be good and, at times, I may fail. The difference being, that I don’t claim to be “good.” I like to think I effort towards being kind and generous, but I know I slip up. I have been known to talk about someone unkindly……more than I admit, I do it.

I also know that I try to have compassion and empathy. I try to be generous. I try to be nice and GOOD. I use the word “try” not AM because we are fluid and changing people. We grow and, hopefully, learn thru every experience.

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