Chapter 32: Doing it Double-style and failing = HUMBLED

Ok, get your minds out of the gutter. We’re trying to make a baby, not catch an STD……Yesterday was a long day. (I did go home for “lunch” though….so you can giggle if you want……short window and time is of the essence people).

So, why was it long? Well, let me ‘splain somethin’ to ya…..I just really started down the hot yoga path to hell enlightenment when I was forced into doing so by my wonderfully amazing teacher, Tanner. Yes, I just called T wonderfully amazing…..because, while possibly misunderstood, he is FRIGGIN AMAZING. Yep….amazing.

So, on the path to hot yoga hell enlightenment, I stared with one 60-minute inferno class and usually ended up sitting in child’s pose for most of it. Gradually, or Johnna and T would say “slowly, slowly” I graduated to actually participating. And, eventually, I was able to rock a class with minimal disruption.

Throughout teacher training, I started hitting the 75 minute classes and then the 90s. I hit up Superflow – which I love, btw – and yesterday….I did the unthinkable….or at least for me.

I DID A DOUBLE. Not just any double, either – I did Mitch Mitch’s 75-minute Hot Vin Fast and then…..because I hate love myself, I went for the 60 minute Hot Vin Fast that Tanner taught immediately following.

And here, my friends, is where I made a mistake.

So, the class was unbelievably fully. Typically, there’s what…..35? 37? People….especially with only one studio to work within (there was Saima’s LSD going on in the other room) Yesterday, we topped out at mat-to-mat-to-wall-to-wall at 44. It was so full, T had to turn some folks away. Yup….he’s that amazing. Right? Yeah, so the typically hotter’n’hell room was even hotter – and full of CO2……

Half way thru warm-ups, I couldn’t breath, I was dizzy and felt nauseous. So, I tried to innocuously grab up my mat and boogie on out. And then…..


Ok, maybe he wasn’t so much yelling as talking loud enough to either a) embarrass the hell out of me or b) guilt the hell out of me. He SUCCEEDED AT BOTH. So I stayed. And finished. And wanted to die but didn’t die.

The point of this little story:

Teachers are those who inspire you to do the things you cannot do; to push yourself, whether by guilt, embarrassment or just by encouraging. Teachers, true teachers – are your friends – they want what’s best for you. And the only way to get there is to actually go for it.

So, be grateful for the teachers in your life – even if for the short-term, you want to jab their eyes out and claw at their faces……

Thank you, Tanner, for being such an awesome teacher. And thanks to the class for laughing and snickering…..I needed that dose of humility. As for SOME of the other teachers who enlighten me daily to being my best self:

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One Response to Chapter 32: Doing it Double-style and failing = HUMBLED

  1. Love you:) Well told. I can see that whole scene going down.

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