Guest Book Review by Molly Morton: Stupid and Contagious…. is it stupid? No, is it Contagious? Hell Yes.

My friend Molly graciously wrote up a review on a book she absolutely loved… I hope that you will show her some love and read this review!!!!!

Thank you Moll!

Guest blog post about Stupid & Contagious

Stupid and Contagious…. is it stupid? No, is it Contagious? Hell Yes.

I am a fan of chick lit just as much as the next girl, but with that being said it’s time to get over the 50 shades of Grey pandemic and read something that instead of numbing our brain cells, nourishes them.

Stupid and Contagious by the ever witty Caprice Crane is not your ordinary romance novel. She has been a screenwriter for MTV and a variety of hit shows for many years. While she’s been involved in many TV series, I’m not here to talk about that.  I’m here to talk about her debut novel that left me peeing in my pants on more than one occasion because it was that damn funny.

The basic gist of the novel is guy meets girl and eventually falls hopelessly in love with her. It sounds similar to all of the other mindless reads out there right? Well, sure, but it’s the journey that these two take together that makes this story a non stop page turner.

The main characters are Heaven and Brady. The novel switches back and forth between his and her point of view.  Heaven is a 20-something gal whose life has just gone horribly wrong. You know Murphy’s law? Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong … Well that is her life in a nutshell.  She starts out as this hot shot PR executive who has all it going for her until she gets fired and ends up waiting tables. Being a waitress is far from her thing -she is not the type of gal to put a smile on her face and pretend to be happy to serve you. Her character is a bit of a “Fuck Up” –  quirky, funny, annoying, yet strangely lovable at the same time.

Then you have Brady, another 20-something who is also having some shitty luck. He is an entrepreneur with his own record company, but he is quickly running out of money. He doesn’t have a single band under his label that is worth bragging about and has recently broken up with his psychotic ex-girlfriend who runs him out of his old apartment and leads him to his new neighbor, Heaven.  Brady is the perpetually “Cool” guy – one who would no doubt make a killer mix tape for you!

When Heaven and Brady meet, it’s not love at first sight. In fact, he finds her extremely annoying while she finds him slightly “Retarded.” The banter that goes on between the two keeps you entertained and rooting for them to get together. The relationship develops slowly and awkwardly; you can feel the tension between the two, especially when Heaven invites herself along in Brady’s journey to become rich. He has an idea for a product called “Cinnamilk”.  It’s pretty self-explanatory, but for the slow it is simply cinnamon and milk mixed together. Hell, they have chocolate milk and strawberry milk so why not Cinnamilk? Brady’s idea leads him on a quest to find Howard Schutlz, founder of Starbucks, in order to pitch his million dollar idea. I don’t want to spoil the journey to Seattle for you, but it leaves the two wondering if there is something more than just a friendship brewing. You will have to read the book to find out. 😉

I absolutely adored this book. It’s witty as well as romantic at times. You aren’t going to find Brady taking Heaven to a cove full of swans, but you will find him strolling with her through the Central Park Zoo.  He even pretends to be blind just so her dog can come into the zoo too!  Yes, he is that romantic.

If Cinnamilk and volatile relationships are your thing, pick up your copy today! I promise you it will be worth your time.

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