New Month – New Series: Zion Covenant (by Brock and Bodie Theone)

Howdy folks! I am sorry for being so slack on my posts lately, but I’ve been totally and 100% absorbed into a new series of books. Well, not really new….but new to me! Actually, a friend of a colleague-friend suggested them to me. And, boy am I glad she did.

The Zion Covenant follows a group of young, primarily Jewish musicians, a journalist and two German families. All are caught up in the chaos that befalls Eruope as Hitler comes to power.

The first book, Vienna Pelude, does a wonderful job of setting the scene. While, yes, I’ve only read about 1,000 World War II (and Holocaust in particular) books, this one did something different to me – I felt the angst, the tummult and the chaos. I felt the fear that young Elisa Linder, one of our protagonists, felt and she was separated from her family and had to embark on a journey that most of us would run from. I felt her strength and, found strength of my own in her.

What I found most riveting was how the Theones were able to so beatifully develop and evole such a cast of characters throughout the book. There are no less than 6 independant -yet fully intertwined – stories; and all of them are triumphant.

The first book was so good that I stayed up well past midnight last Monday to start the second book….Prague Counterpoint. As with the first book, the Theones delve deeper into the lives of their characters, introducing a few new ones and further enmeshing the story lines. What’s most impressive is their vast knowledge (and incredible researching skills!) of life in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia during the time of Hitler’s seige on humanity. At times, I was brought to tears. Others times, I was physically ill. At all times, I was 100% captivated and unable to put it down.

I finished that one last night – and immediately started the third: Munich Signature. I tried to go to sleep, but the book was beckoning me… needed to be read – so read, I did. I read thru about 10% of the book (yes, that is e-read speak for I read part of it). My hope is to be able to review that book for you within the next week, but hang tight….ok? There are 10 books, I think, in total – so if I write about 2 at a clip, you should have some great reviews coming your way. That said, I have a new thing about series…..sometimes they get stale after book 3……so I guess we’ll test that philosophy, huh?

My only complaints are the covers – I know silly, right? But, truth told, I almost didn’t pick up the book at all because the cover looked like a trashy romance novel. Right?

But, I’m so glad I did….each book has been an amazing literary experience – and a history lesson. I highly recomend you pick one up and start!

Rachael’s Grade:

Writing: A+

Character Development: A+

Plot: A+

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