Chapter 30: Reunions, Recipes, Birthdays and LOVE?

It’s weird when a holiday falls in the middle of the week….and this past week was no different. I mean, I read 3 books last weekend, which feels like a month ago; I worked almost a full week – despite the 1.5 days off we had; I baked enough food to feed an army – but the ravenous among us devoured it anyway and I threw my back out. Then we got to Friday…..ha!

The great thing about these strange holiday weeks is that, now that we have friends and a community in Charlotte, they are SO MUCH FUN!

A quick recap:

Last weekend: dinner with friends and an opportunity to read to their kids

Tuesday, July 3rd: was too hot, but we were supposed to go to the Whitewater Center for fireworks….instead just hung out with my hubby….which is JUST AS AWESOME

Wednesday, July 4th: cookout with the gang….it was a madhouse and I got to experiment with “non-dairying” a few desserts (recipes are below)…..then we watched both Boston and NY fireworks…..AWESOME!

Thursday, July 5th: I taught in the a.m. and then went to work (boo!) Hard to go back to work when you are having fun not working!

Friday, July 6th: we went to Thomas Street Tavern got to see Chloe (the dog we “found” in our backyard) again. We got to meet her folks, who are awesome!

Saturday, July 7th: taught a hot class at Y2 – so much harder when you can’t throw in vinyasas to warm people up; loved my playlist though. AND THEN, we celebrated the birth of the potato…..

Yes, it was Sweet Tater’s birthday and friends came out to celebrate in droves. Did have to bite my tongue though……which was hard, because as I got more intoxicated…..the words wanted to come out.

 I mean, really?!?

Ok, here is the non-dairy Trifle recipe:

**** be warned, the creme anglaise will be runny – its OK!****


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