Hungry for MORE….Hunger Games, that is: Book Review

You know those days when you just sit on the couch and read? The days that you are totally, 100% absorbed in what you are reading and there is NOTHING that can disturb you? When you ignore all responsibility and just read?

If you’ve never experienced that feeling – I feel sorry for you. No, really, I do. I know there are people who can’t do that – mommies, for one, but you know you’d like to, right?

So, that was my Sunday – and for the most part, Friday and Saturday nights….. I started the Hunger Games trilogy and LAWDY, they were delish! I mean, when I tell you I couldn’t pull myself away, that is NOT an exaggeration. Ask David….he’ll tell you. I wouldn’t even let him turn the TV on for fear of getting distracted as I got tired! I have about 50 pages left in the last book, but couldn’t wait to get this to you… that you can read them this weekend!

So, yoiu might ask – what too me so long to read them? I mean, once I started, its only been 4 days, but why did I delay?

Well, i just didn’t get the hype! I heard friends review them and talk about them and, they just seemd like TWEEN fiction – like the  Twilight series was – and then it hit me: I loved those books! I think I just needed it to be summer so that I could block out time to read!

The characters are incredibly well developed. I actually had a dream about Katniss (the protagonist) last night. Yup, I dreamt of my book. You know its good when that happens!

Will I see the movies? not sure. The scenes in the book unfold so magically, and are so well-written, that I don’t know if I want my “vision” of the book to be altered by what Hollywood sees. I can’t say enough about this trilogy, so instead I’ll just command you to read it. Go ahead and buy the whole series – you’ll want it. If you can’t buy it and you live locally, I might be willing to lend you my kindle….ot at least help you find the books.

They will leave you both sated and hungry for more, that is a promise.

Rachael’s Grade:

Writing: A+

Character Development: A+

Plot: A


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