A not so welcoming-back Book Review: Deadlocked

Meh…..didn’t love this. And was so hoping to be able to deliver to you, my patient and faithful, an awesome book review, even if the book was not challenging.

Alas, I have failed you. But, its not my fault. I can’t give you a beautiful review of a not-s0-beautiful (read: eh, not good) book. Book 12: Deadlocked, in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels, was a disappointment.

Maybe its because I read all the others so close together. Maybe its because I’m bored of the story? Maybe its because I am watching the series on HBO right now and it is such a diversion from the book????? Whatever it was, I’m not happy.

Quite frankly, I’m bored of Sookie. I’m bored of her torrid love affairs with vampires and “supes” as she calls them. I’m less than pleased with the character development in this novel – there weren’t many news ones and that’s never good. It felt like Harris just needed a few extra bucks so she wrote another book, preying on dummies like me who would buy it just because it was next in line in the series. Well, Miss Harris – you got me! I did your bidding. I hope you enjoy the $11 I paid for the book (or whatever it even cost!). Go buy yourself a starbucks or two and start on the next one – which I probably won’t read.

In other news: I plan on starting a new trilogy this weekend and, with any luck, will be able to review them for you with grace, dignity and enthusiasm.

Many of you have probably read the Hunger Games books – I have not. Some may have also seen the movies – and if you read my earlier post about book-movies – you know I have not seen them.

I actually have no clue what they are even about. I just know that people love them and my friends are SHOCKED that I haven’t yet bitten in.

So, here I go – embarking on yet another teen series (Twilight, Harry Potter) and then, hopefully, I can start on some of the other books I’ve been hording onto my iPad and Kindle.

Rachael’s Grades

Writing:  C-

Character Development: F

Plot: C-

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One Response to A not so welcoming-back Book Review: Deadlocked

  1. I agree with you, things went weird for me starting with book 10 (Dead in the Family). I just want her to be with someone already…I don’t care who….ANYONE!!! Great review, cheers!

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