Chapter 28: I found my crack substitute….and I’m addicted

Need I say more? Uh, yes, Rachael, you do……

Ohhhhhkayyyyyy: I have officially become addicted to

  1. yoga
  2. teaching
  3. teaching yoga!!!!!!!

It is my own, personal, crack and I like it. I like it a LOT.

I was a teaching (subbing) machine this week! 6 classes in 7 days – 4 of which were THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully, I have more energy than I typically how to use and I have learned the mad cool skill of writing sequences, making wristbands and creating KICK-ASS playlists.wrist band

Week started off with subbing Melissa’s Tuesday Mysore / Beginners class – have I told you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching beginners the practice that brought me down this crazy road called yoga? yes, I LOVE teaching Ashtanga. I love it. I love everything about it. I love that I STILL can’t do some of the postures I teach and I am obsessed with helping other accomplish them with ease and grace. I love the sound of deep ujaye breath. I love the community of amazingly supportive practitioners throughout Charlotte and the world. I love it. I had 5 or 6 people; but whatever, it was AWESOME. Thursday I got to do the same thing, but this time, its MY class….yup, all mine! only 2 people, but I love it so much, I will gladly spend 2 hours in a hot studio touching sweaty yogis ….. I might even do it for free (Tanner, you didn’t see that!)

Saturday was my big day: stepping into some pretty big shoes, I was subbing for Shanna’s Vinyasa Basics and Power Mixed. It was weird. This overwhelming calm came over me. Similar to how I felt before a fight….I could nap or read, while some people couldn’t stop peeing. I practiced at T’s 9:15 and came home to shower and center myself. Then, BAM it was 1:45 – and I had to get to the studio. Off I went, nerves and all, and entered the lions den of newbies or oldbies who just wanted to go deep.

And, if I do say so myself, I think I did OK AWESOME!!!! I did freak out, though, two women came in and….just as quickly….walked ran out the door. I was so worried. I thought it was me……until one of my yoginis gave me a smile and a wink and mouthed “you’re fine!”. Carry on child, carry on……deep breath……and GO. Another feel-good moment was that David, my amazing husband, came out to support me – even though he hates yoga……I love him. Just needed to share that.

Next up: Power Mixed at 3:30 brought the wonderfully encouraging Mary Beth back to the mat – bless her heart (in a good way, not the “bad” way). I loosened up, had a little more fun with the class (yes, this playlist was better than the last!) and we got thru it. Deep. Breath. Let. Go. (oh, and today, one of the girls in the class – Susan – told me that she comes to Shanna’s class because they are hard….and mine was just as hard… about so happy! I almost peed myself!)

Today, however, was the true test of just how well I listened, learned and absorbed “teaching” – a 90 minute hot vinyasa fast class that’s typically taught by one of the most knowledgeable teachers I know: Jane. Jane’s cue-ing is Ah-Mazeballs. she is incredible. she can say one word and the class just goes there. And then, there’s me. Brand new – 2 classes under my belt, still wearing a cool wrist band to make sure that I know what the F&*^ I’m doing. But, I had three friends there (including the sweet sweet Tater, who has been amazing and supportive and awesome, as per usual) to get me thru and a bunch of love being sent from lord knows where… we began. 

My playlist!

90 minutes is a long time and deserved a pretty awesome playlist… I gave it to them. I gave it to them good! And, even though I did make a few mistakes – deviated from said wristband, seeing friends in class and knowing that they were enjoying it, my life couldn’t have gotten better than that moment.

Moving thru my own practice was tough – I hit up JDC’s class in between my two today – but it didn’t matter. I taught a great class and people liked it and felt good after. I was going to teach Ashtanga at 11. My day, if it had ended at 12:45 would have been 100% complete.

I started teacher training sure I wouldn’t teach. And now, I can’t imagine not teaching. I love it. I love me when I do it. I love the feeling it gives me to give what I love to others. I have this great gift and I get to give it away to people….and maybe, just maybe, they will pay it forward in some way. If not, and they just let the love rain on them, that’s cool too. It all makes the world, and me as a part of it, a better place.

p.s. I lied above – my day wouldn’t have been complete – but only b/c I know I’m getting a 2-hr deep tissue massage at 4 (yippeee!).

p.p.s. – if you live in the Queen City and can come out, I’ll keep posting my schedule and I’d love to see you in class!

p.p.p.s. (aka, a second post) – I promise I will deliver a book review soon. I need a new book but it is coming!

Oh and one last thought: happy father’s day to the daddy’s out there!

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2 Responses to Chapter 28: I found my crack substitute….and I’m addicted

  1. I’ve started thinking a lot about becoming a yoga teacher myself. It’s made such an impact on my life that I feel really led to start teaching it myself – but I have zero idea where to start! It sounds so enriching though – I can see how it would become addicting!

    • Litterachi says:

      thanks for sharing – its funny; I started because I just wanted to figure out what the heck I was doing……how to get deeper and why I am even interested to begin with 🙂 and BAM – this is what happens! hahaha As for where to get started……
      1) do you have a regular studio? if not, maybe find one – I did mine at my “home studio” Y2Yoga in Charlotte
      2) are there any teachers you’ve had with whom you particularly connected? find out where they were certified or if they are leading any trainings
      3) identify your time commitment – do you work 9-5 Mon-Fri? can you afford to go for a 1 week (or 2 week?) immersion trip where you are in training somewhere cool like Bali (one of my teachers – Johnna Smith @ – is amazing and does them in Bali and all over the US!!!!)? Or if you are like me, weekends worked well – so find a program that offers weekend training near your home.
      4) Is there a particular style of yoga that has captured your heart? that’s probably the best place to start. Ashtanga is my true love, so, the training I did had a fundamental base of Ashtanga, then we moved into intelligent sequencing from there.

      not sure if you were looking for help, but figured I’d offer 🙂 keep me posted – I hope you’ll go for it!

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