Chapter 27: Funky Fresh and in with a BANG

ARGHHHHHH! I’m in a total reading funk. I have no attention for books right now? maybe its because the weather is so nice (until yesterday) or maybe its because we are so busy (which is nice)……or maybe I’m just not picking up the right books. So, I am sad to report, I got nothing for you folks……nada, rien, zip, zilch.

thanks to the incredible Wanda Koch

In other news, the coolest thing happened to me last week: I became a celebrity. Not really, but I like to think its pretty close to what being a celebrity would feel like. Ok, so it wasn’t like “OMG, are you in XYZ Movie, can I have your autograph” but I think it might be the closest I’ll get – that and when my friend’s sister told me she read my blog before I knew she was my friend’s sister.

I mean, shit. I did get to do a photo shoot with the incredible Wanda Koch, didn’t I?


I was at The Common Market with a friend for lunch; I went in to get one of their yummy vegan cupcakes (no, I’m not vegan…but these are scrumptious) and a woman stops me:

“Hi! Are you a yoga teacher”

so, let’s discuss: a) I do not look lithe and lean and slim b) I am in my regular work clothes and c) I’m just standing there, buying a cupcake – not in crow or some other shit-cray posture.

me: er, um……no yes I am…….what’s your name? (yes, I totally forgot that, in fact, i do now teach yoga!)

fan(lol): I’m ______________; I recognize you from Y2. I think you assisted me in a class and it was great.

me: thanks…..I hope to see you around more!

 Oh, and for those who might be wondering…….I am a subbing machine this week. I am actually “teaching” my first power classes, too. and, yes, I mean classes PLURAL – why start with one when you can start with 4?????

My schedule is as follows (in case you wanted to come?!?!, pleeeeeassssseeeee?????)

  • Tuesday, 6:45 p.m.: Ashtanga / Mysore for Beginners (subbing for Melissa Hickok) at Y2
  • Thursday, 6 a.m. : AM Mysore at Y2
  • Saturday, 2:15 p.m.: Vinyasa Basics at Y2 (subbing for Shanna Small)
  • Saturday, 2:30 p.m.: Power Mixed at Y2 (subbing for Shanna Small)
  • Sunday 7:30 a.m. : Hot Vinyasa Fast at Y2 (Subbing for Jane Patterson)
  • Sunday 11 a.m.: Ashtanga – led at Y2 (subbing for Shanna Small)

And, yes, I’m friggin’ out of control nervous.

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