Chapter 24: Saving the Zebra a Seat….

this isn’t exactly what I meant, but made me laugh anyway!

I remember my best friends growing up – we’d always save eachother a seat on the bus – or at lunch….or a spot in line for a great ride at Six Flags. There was something about the act of saving the seat as well as having it saved for me…..

The simple act was enough to tell me that I was loved. And I caused the same for others.

So why is it that as we age, we stop “saving a seat”? You may say, “but Rachi, I do save seats….” and you may, but do you really?

Have I confused you? Sorry!

When I first started teacher training, I said to my girlfriend Melissa: “I dunno, there are just some people who I think are too different from me for us to be friends.” It wasn’t that I didn’t like them, its just that I felt we were too far apart….we had different ideas and thoughts, and I didn’t think their feelings/thoughts/personalities jived with mine. I know I am a jugemental bitch sometimes. I stand in my power and embrace my own thoughts. I impose them on you, don’t I? (teeeheee) Sometimes (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone I said this) I can be downright obstinate. A total pain in the ass!

Melissa looked to me, and in a way only a friend/teacher/fellow yogi can say, says:

Maybe you need to hold some space for them; hold space for them to morph. Allow them to grown and learn thru this process the way you will. Don’t write them off just yet.

I didn’t believe her. I didn’t think change was possible like that. I didn’t believe that people can change – I mean, a zebra never changes its stripes…..But that’s the difference, we’re not zebras.

So, listening to my friend/teacher/yogi, I decided I’d save a seat for these ladies….I’d hold some space for their transformation. No, not with the intention of changing them – nor with that expectation…because that is manipulation and counter-intuitive to that which I strive. I just saved them a seat…..

And in doing so, not only did they (for the most part) take that seat…..they changed and grew and morphed…. but so did I.

With teacher training almost over – we finish up on Sunday – I am so glad the seats around me were saved for some of these incredible women.  I also can’t help but think that someone also held a seat for me.

Without knowing your name or…perhaps without knowing you at all….I thank you.

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