Chapter 23: Life lessons for those I love

Two months ago, Tanner called me out for not sharing what I’ve learned.

Within the last two weeks, I imparted some wisdom onto Nikki, Katie, Mitch, Amy and Jackie – so, here are a few of the more important lessons I’ve learned and feel worth sharing with y’all.

  1. If a guy asks you out on a date – he should take you OUT…not in, not cook you dinner, but OUT
  2. Don’t date people who are going thru divorces…..unless the divorce is going on 12+ months….OR, unless you are a glutton for punishment.
  3. Moving sucks, and leaving home is hard, but when you have your own family – home is where they are and where you will all be happy
  4. Be busy – and when you aren’t busy, pretend; absence makes the heart grow fonder and being busy makes you appreciate what you have when you have it
  5. If its not there, don’t force it
  6. Be fearless and take chances – you have NOTHING to lose!
  7. If you go out with someone who’s recently lost a LOT of weight, be careful – the majority of their conversations WILL revolve around weight loss, food and exercise and – for the most part – they will prefer to NOT eat out…..if you are OK with that, AWESOME. If not, RUN!
  8. Man up….even if you only have lady parts – we have bigger balls anyway
  9. Stop expecting; you’ll only be disappointed
  10. Finish what you start; don’t bail – no one will remember but you, and you’ll hate yourself for it

Oh, and PS, I’m down 5 lbs and not thrilled, but I did cheat the whole weekend…….we went to the beach and I indulged….whatever; back at it today!



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