Chapter 22: Case of the Monday’s? No thanks! Low Fat Crab Cake Recipe? Yes Please!

Uh, hello – my name is Rachael and I had a FANTABULOUS WEEKEND FOLLWED BY AN EVEN BETTER MONDAY!

Back to this weekend: Friday stared with Johnna leading us through an incredible Para Yoga class – a style she’s studied with Rod Stryker (her ‘teacher’) that also incorporates meditation and long-holds. It was absolutely ah-maze-balls. I honestly LOVED IT. And, what’s more, can you friggin’ believe I meditated? Uh, yeah, neither could I. Not sure if anyone else has ever tripped from meditating, but I think I did. Either that, or at the end, I fell asleep. Whatever, it was great.

Saturday, we hit up T’s superflow, which if I haven’t told you about it, there’s a good reason: I don’t want to deter anyone from taking it. I was scared of it for the entire 15 months we’ve lived here. For. No. Good. Reason. If you live nearby or think of visiting Charlotte, I beg you to try it. Music is awesome, sequence is not only intelligent, but challenging without being impossible, and he’s just so motivational……it’s magic.

After Superflow, we were given an hour to shower and change before heading down to my girl Debi’s house – which is THE house I want to live in…….and I’ve told her this – it was supposed to be nice out and we were going to use the pool, but with clouds and chill in the air, we did our stuff indoors and then watched such a great Yoga Doc called “Enlighten Up”. Highly recommend it to you. We were also asked to team teach and lead each other thru a short meditation……UM, so cool! I was blessed to be in a group with some great ladies….one of whom is among my favorite people in the CLT: Dianne. D is one of the most kind-hearted, loving, open women I’ve ever met…..and I declare it here and now: I’m thrilled we are friends!

Saturday night we hung with Jess and Brian… having them as neighbors…..LOVE IT.

Sunday, we practiced Ashtanga in the a.m. and then did some team teaching. We hit up T’s 2:15 hot class (another gem, if you ask me) and then had a community  meeting. These are interesting. And, without divulging the contents of our discussion, the idea is that we create a safe environment to air grievances – to/about each other, to/about ourselves, to/about people who aren’t even there. It’s a way to create space for the good stuff…..and, while I know it is a good thing and totally safe and beneficial, I still can’t get my arms around liking it. I guess I’ve gotta sit with it and become comfortable with it because is sure beats carrying around a bag of shit with me….right? Plus, now I’m like this “accountability person” for my girl Nikosaurus Rex…. (have you scheduled to assist yet!?!)

Needless to say, though, the weekend left me pretty wiped out. So, today, I played hooky. Well, not really – I scheduled to take the day off….and it was FAB-U-LOUS. Yup, you heard me, I had an amazing day off….all to myself because David, my wonderful hubby, was working……WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a project, but still, it’s work.

ikatIn addition to sleeping in, cuddling with the dogs and watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey (I love that shit!), I hit the gym for a cardio workout and then had lunch at home with the girls. I got a mani/pedi (yay! I went with orange on my toes) and hit the mall. I wanted to go find the new Ikat print at LOFT, but they didn’t unpack it yet……so I’ll go back on Wednesday! Stopped in at lululemon to say hi to whomever might be working…..only a couple of the girls I knew from my days there and picked up 2 bangbuster headbands for yoga later this week…..and then made my way over to the Teeter to pick up my dinner ingredients. Came home to find David working on the computer and the girls sleeping. Dropped a load of wash in (all my stinky stuff from the weekend) and started in on dinner.

I must admit, I am a good cook. Tonight, I made crab cakes – just using what we had (plus parsley, which I needed) in the house.  I whipped up some shirataki noodles and a salad and BINGO, healthy yummy nearly mess-less dinner!

For those of you who like crab cakes, here you go! Sorry I didn’t take any pics while making them, but they were DEEEElish.

  • Mix together the following: 6-8 oz lump crab meat (I get mine at Costco – cheap and good); 1/2 yellow or sweet onion (minced); 2 minced garlic cloves; 1/2 minced red bell pepper (or anything sweeter – orange, yellow, whatever you have); chopped parsley (1/8 – 1/4 cup); 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce; 3 Tbs low fat mayo; 1/4 – 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs (or oats….up to you !); 1 egg; dash of olive oil
  • form patties and chill them in the fridge for approximately 1 hour before cooking
  • Spray a large pan (so you don’t have to do in batches) with PAM or some other cooking spray and heat the pan. Cook each patty 5-8 minutes per side (depending on how large you make them).
  • Serve warm

It’s no frills, like I said, but it tastes great and is good for you! I based it off a recipe I found here that says there are 295 calories in 1 serving of 2 crab cakes…..not bad, right?!

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One Response to Chapter 22: Case of the Monday’s? No thanks! Low Fat Crab Cake Recipe? Yes Please!

  1. Maria says:

    I will eat any crab cake, especially a healthified version of one. Love.

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