Chapter 21: -2 a Week…guess its better than +2?

ARGH…I remember the days when I used to drop 2 lbs in a day…..hell, I could do it in an hour if I needed to – just ask my coaches……

Alas, those days are gone. It’s time we welcome adulthood into my life – and with it the reality that 2 pounds just don’t come off overnight…..or over lunch……and I didn’t gain them overnight, either. So, rather than dwell, let’s celebrate….

I’m down 4 lbs and I’m FRIGGIN’ EXTATIC!

Nikosauraus putting me deeper into Anjaneyasana (Cresent Moon)

What’s really incredible, and I never thought I’d say this is that while I signed up for Teacher Training thru Y2 because I wanted to improve my ASANA practice, I’ve really grown as a person. I’m calmer…..I’m happier….and I realize how very much I love my family.

Last Friday night, at the end of an incredible practice we took rest to the same song as David and my first dance. It was at that moment I realized how unfair I was being to David. I stopped being proud of him at some point during this crazy year of work challenges…..and I was wrong to do that.

I am married to an incredible man.

He would walk across fire for me......although this is at the Warrior Dash!

Some of you know him; others only know what they read here. So, to give you the quick and dirty about how great he is: He loves me; He makes me laugh; He takes care of me and he is doing the best he can to be the best he can.

When shit hits the fan, its very easy to forget these simple things. It’s easy to nag about the light bulb not being replaced. It’s easy to complain about not being able to take a vacation. It’s easy to get caught up in the crap. And its embarassing to admit that all it took was some music mashup of Jason Mraz‘s I’m Yours to remind me of how lucky I am and how strong our marriage is.

So, for anyone who thinks that teacher training is about body contortion – it is. And for those of you who can see it is also about SOOOOOO MUCH MORE, it is. Your practice (and your training) is about accessing what you need to access – giving you the tools to handle LIFE and to live your best life. To get yourself back on track when you lose your way – because if you can’t do that, how can you expect anyone else to?

NFN (nama for now) Friends!

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