Chapter 19: I just got nominated for a WHAT?

strange things keep happening – but I’ll just roll with it.

My friends who are BIG TIME BLOGGERs will probably think me silly, as they get nominated for nationally recognized awards thru food and fitness, book and newspaper awards. Some people have even gotten book deals from their blogs. Or writing jobs at magazines and stuff.

But me? I am still so new to this -I’ve only been blogging 6 months or so….. and I am not even sure I have enough readers to get an award! So when I got a comment in my “comment box” or whatever you call it that I’d been nominated for an award! I was like “who? me? yeah, right”.

So first – thank you ThoughtsonMyBookshelf for the kindness – it really did make my day, as does your blog, regularly.

Now, on to the other “requirements” for this…….a little bit about me:

1. Favorite color – pink (generic, yes, but true.

2. Favorite animal – any animal that will curl up in your lap and love you no matter what.

3. Favorite number – 28

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink – Sugar Free Red Bull – it’s my coffee…’s my soda…’s my lifeline

5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter – Facebook  – I don’t even know how to tweet!

6. My passion – I just got asked this in my teacher training…..I’ll have to go with knowledge. I love learning – usually by reading, but also by doing, traveling, experiencing…..I just love to learn.

7. Prefer Giving or Getting presents – I like them equally – and of course, it depends on the present!

8. Favorite pattern – I’m more of a solids girl, but I guess I’d have to go with the chevron pattern?

9. Favorite day of the week – I like them all…but I guess I’d have to say Wednesdays because so few people like Wednesdays – when you call a day “hump day” it feels bad.

10. Favorite flower – peonies and rannuculas.

Finally I need to nominate 10 other blogs which brighten my day, so here we go:

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3 Responses to Chapter 19: I just got nominated for a WHAT?

  1. Thanks so much for including Gabby and I 🙂 we both are honored you thought of us! hugs, Autumn

  2. Maria says:

    I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that I think it’s awesome!

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