Inappropriate Work-lunch Reading – but GREAT for your BEDROOM: Fifty Shades of Grey

Let’s get something clear here: I am not into porn. Period. Now that I’ve told you this, I can begin to tell you about a book that is just TOO RACEY to read pretty much anywhere other than your home…..TRUST ME: I’ve tied.

I just finished book one in the Fifty Shades trilogy: 50 Shades of Grey, by E L James. You may have heard just about every news network discussing it on some morning show – or maybe even seen articles in just about every national rag, paper and all over the blogosphere (do people even call it that anymore?). Even the Christian Science Monitor is covering it! At dinner the other night, the table next to us referred to it as “mommy porn” – which was likely an adaptation from this Huffington Post article.

And, moreover, when I asked a few friends who were reading it to review it for me as a guest blog spot they blushed, crimson red, and told me they didn’t think they could do that. So, wanting to deliver only the best and most au courrant to you, my loyals, I just HAD to download it and read it…..STAT!

Here’s the rub (no pun intended): it actually was a GOOD BOOK. I know, crazy, right? Who has ever come back from the XXX Theater (or store with viewing rooms) exclaiming “wow, that was just a wonderful film – I mean, the plot, the directing, the dialogue”? NO. I’ve never heard it done – so please tell me if you have.

This is different, though. While, yes, the book is erotic (hence the DO NOT READ AT GYM/WORK/BUS/ANYWHERE OTHER THAN YOUR HOME warning), the dialogue is also very smart and the story-line, albeit relatively undiscussed among “civilized” people, is curious and – to my understanding – a pretty accurate portrayal of some such relationships.

Anastacia Steel, the story’s protagonist, is an innocent. She’s never been in love, had sex or….even touched herself! And after helping her bestie and roomie out when she is ill,  interviewing a mega-mogul, and Dominant, Christian Grey, for her university paper, her world is turned up-side down…..both figuratively and litterally. Welcome to the world of BSDM, Ana. Whips, chains, pigtails, the “red room of pain”….you name it, he’s got them.

And, all the while, the story also takes a different twist. When you aren’t soiling your nickers (hehehe, just had to write that), you are introduced to quippy dialogue and well-developped characters. Truly, if you were to replace the graphic, violent erotica with more generic or “vanilla” sex, the book would have still earned my interest. HOWEVER, the sex – or “fucking” as it is usually referred to in the book – is a huge component and cannot be denied.

I’ve just started on the second book and will likely review the trilogy upon completing them – so please stay tuned. That said, I’d encourage you to start reading. This book has totally elevated my….er…..libido….and I think that my husband, bless him, is – for once – reaping the benefits of my reading addiction. And, even if you aren’t in to BDSM (I’m not, by the way……not that there is anything wrong with it…..), you will probably find yourself….um, how can I say this politely…..getting into the book?

Especially because I’ve learned that major studios like Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Universal, Paramount and Fox 2000 are all trying to rework these novels to fit the Big Screen. You can read about that here.

Rachael’s Grades:

Writing: A

Character Development: A

Plot: B


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