Chapter 18: What’s a Coxsakie

Hand-Foot Disease to those of you who aren’t as childish as my friends and I are……and aside from the fact that I hid in my house after contracting it on my FACE……it is a word that, when discussed among 4 adult women of approximately the same 30 years of age, brings tears of hysiterical laughter to my eyes and will forever be synonymous with one of our best nights in Charlotte.

I know, I feel like I keep saying things like that, but this year has been such an incredible journey. David and I are in a really good place – even considering his lack of job and our constant concern over which shoe will drop next; we are in it together. we are a team.

I got some shitty news this weekend; my dad suffered a stroke. He’s ok – thanks for asking – but it does support my earlier statement that we are always waiting for the next shoe to drop – as though we were two giant octupi with 8 shoes for us each.

But, being miles and miles away from him, I had to leave it to my sister to handle. This was the first HUGE step for me; an admitted control freak, I simply let go….I did not respond in my typical fashion, and instead, went about my weekend – I did not jump on a plane, nor did I insist on speaking with the doctors. I didn’t even get nasty with his “companion” (for those who know me, or read me often, I’m sure you’ll detect the tone….and yes, it is with merit that I use it, thank you very much).

Instead, David and I joined 4 other couples at our friends’ home party room (teehee) for a lovely Shabbat dinner. Again, this is growth for us. David and I, while we grew up conservative/reform-ish, never “did Shabbat.” We didn’t keep kosher – I love me some shellfish and david adores his pig. But, stepping out of the box, I baked a pareve version of my key lime whoopie pies (I’d post a pic, but I don’t like the way the filling came out!). I’ve gotten quite good at converting my recipes into things that my Kosher-Keeping-Friends can eat…and while they looked ugly, they tasted DEEELISH!

Enough about the food, though….the real evening was a mele of lovingly-snarky banter, intelligent chatter and LAUGHTER. I hadn’t laughed that hard in I can’t even tell you how long! It was incredible. And it was the best way for me to start, what would have otherwise been a shitty weekend, a GREAT weekend.

The rest of the weekend involved a ton of baking – I made gammy’s brownies and 3 batches of rolo-filled chocolate chip cookies – and parties……lots of parties. We had my yoga-teacher-training party at Debi’s beautiful house….and when I say beautiful, let me just tell you I haven’t stopped dreaming of the day I live in it….or one just like it. I swear, I had an orgasm just from her kitchen….it was the perfect kitchen….the perfect house and I covet it…..

but I digress.

then we had Brian’s 40th birthday party – which was an extension of Shabbat dinner (the same 4 other couples were there, too, + a bunch of other people who were all awesome).

Today, I had an entirely ME day. I got up, finished reading POSER and spent some QT on the couch with the pups; then I headed to Old Navy for a quick-n-dirty spring wardrobe update. I went to the gym, where I am relagated to WALK on the treadmill (the PT told me no more FightGoneMad for now….and no running, biking, or anything else that is fun) for 45 minutes before heading to Yoga (which I am allowed to do, thankfully) and then to get a bang trim, man/pedi and then home.

And, just minutes before writing this post, I got off the phone with dad, who is making progress. He is wiggling his left fingers; not his toes, and he can’t move his arm or his leg, but fingers are progress. He says they are keeping him in the hospital for a few more days – apparently, storkes, like bad luck, come in groupings….so if you can all just keep him in your thoughts, that would be fantastic.

Now, it’s time for the Mad Men season premier…..hope y’all have a geat week and stay tuned for a few more book reviews!

peace out.

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