Chapter 15: Homework sucks

Yeah, I said it….homework sucks. I hate it. I just don’t enjoy reading books when I know I have to read them. And yet, still, I did not start reading this book until I was told it would be homework. Why? Because I already had 3 other books in my queue. So, here we are…..

Teacher Training Homework.....And its not that I don’t want to read it – really that is not the case at all…’s actually quite fascinating stuff – the idea that we all have the SOURCE within us – that we can all achieve anything we want to achieve, if only we are in-tune with a) what we are truly asking and b) the answers we receive.

I LOVE THIS STUFF. And had I started this book before it was assigned, guess what?!? I wouldn’t even think twice about it. But there is something about an “assignment” that just makes me lose interest.

In other news, I’ve been called to task on some other stuff – I guess these too are like homework assignments. A few friends have decided that I should have a talk show. I am not a huge fan of being on TV – even when I was at my thinnest, I just am not comfortable with that – but radio… that’s a whole new thought.

So, lately I’ve been toying with the idea that I should be sharing my love for information – for knowledge – with the world via podcast or radio show. So, my faithfuls….would you even listen to me? what would you want to hear about? I have some great dating stories and am choc-full of antidotes and advice when it comes to relationships…..would you actually tune in for that? I can totally talk about books, but isn’t that what this blog is for? Would that be overkill?

OY! I am so confused! maybe this is the real reason I’m reticent to start reading this book!

I think I need to sit with that for a while.


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