Chapter 13: My Cherry is Officially Popped


Oh. My. Word. I did it! I mean, I really really did it. I bit the bullet, probably sucked, but did it. I stood across from my fear and shot it down, DEAD.

Oh, the “IT” you might wonder – I taught my first yoga class! Granted, it was to friends, but it was mine-all-mine.
My bosses – bless them – leant me the use of an empty office in one of the buildings that they own on Park Road and, after sending out a Facebook invite to what seemed like 200 people, I gathered 9 friends to practice Ashtanga for an hour or so last night.
Most of my friends – and my wonderfully supportive husband, don’t really practice yoga regularly – and those who do, don’t practice Ashtanga, so it was so moving to have 9 people come out to support me as I chase down this crazy dream I have to teach yoga.
So, let’s be honest here: it wasn’t like any class you’d take from Tanner, Jen, Adam or Johnna at Y2 – nor was it like any class I’ve ever taken before…It was MY class. It was MY style. and it was AWESOME.
I started with a quick welcome and explanation of Ashtanga – not a practice for the faint of heart. And then we moved on to breath and bondas before starting our downward spiral into the wonderful world of challenging postures that are beautifully humbling. Thankfully, my good friend Elizabeth was there to help me demonstrate some of the postures that – after two years of practice – I’m not yet able to complete.
Graceful like an elephant, I moved around the room – assisting and helping and explaining and showing…..a lot of laughing, too. There was a lot of cross-talk and, sadly, a bit of a lapse in ujaie breath, but we had a DAMN GOOD TIME. And, darling husband – you really did need to “Shut up and do your yoga.” But I love you anyway!
My friends gave me amazing feedback – all good, naturally :-), and when we left, they said they’d come back for more when I offer it. I’m so thrilled, I can’t even begin to tell you. And, what’s even better than this – I’m not as afraid to do it again as I was this first time.
My cherry was popped and now I’m gonna be the biggest damn yoga-whore on earth (not really, but it sounds good, right?)


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