Chapter 9: We are learning here

I’m not quite sure what’s going on with me – I feel like I’m here, there and everywhere – though I’m probably nowhere at all….

Did I mention that two weeks ago I started Yoga Teacher Training (aka 200 hours of intense introspection, study and practice)? Yeah, well, I did. It was such an incredible weekend, and it has left me both depleted and re-charged. Oh, and apparently, a walking contradiction (aka, a hot mess)!

So, first I’ll apologize for my mess (not having any new reads for you) – I’ve not really been reading…..unless, of course, you count some handouts on Chakras and the physiology of yoga as reading? I started a couple books – one of which is for teacher training: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. The other is called Blind Sight by Meg Howry. Not sure how I feel about either, but then again, I haven’t had more than a few minutes to dive in and read.

Instead, I’ve been filling my days with things that make my body and head “hurt”…and by hurt, I am speaking in the positive, life-changing kind of hurt….not the icky-pooh-y, feh kind of hurt.

Without getting all yogi on you, I can tell you fo’sho’ that this teacher training will be the least expensive therapy session I’ll have ever participated in. Truly – we’re digging around inside our hearts and minds for 10 hours a day (200 hours in total) for the measly price of a couple Gs. Honestly, I know I’ll be a better person when I come out of this than I was when I began.

I now also know that I’m a pretty stable person (insert laughter if you wish)….

No, really, I am. After hours of introspection, I realized that I know who I am – faults and all – and for better or worse, I’m OK with that. Sure, there are things I want to change – I’d like to be thinner, taller, stronger, funnier, prettier and richer. But, as for the things I need – I’ve got them all. Rather than worrying all the time about what is coming next, I have already learned that the universe has its own plan. And, if I trust in it, it will provide.

There are 23 people in my training and each one brings something so unique to the group – whether its a touching life story or a funny joke, each of the 22 ladies (and one man) have helped me to a new level of understand already. And while I’m currently bouncing off the walls, last weekend I learned just how grounded I truly am.

Beyond that, I learned that food is good and that wood is hard on your tushy.


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