Chapter 8: Broke Down Highway

Tia says "Happy New Year!"

Happy New Year friends! I won’t lie to you here: 2011 was a turbulent year – not much different from 2010, sadly. So, I welcomed 2012 in last night with open arms (wish it was with open hips, but that’s to come in 2012, right?).

Have you ever heard that you will say “buh-bye” to the year much the way you rang it in? Well, here’s perspective: the last 2 weeks and first 3 weeks of last year were filled with excitement CRAZY SHIT….let me break it down for you:

  • December 18th – we visit Charlotte during David’s final interview with KPMG
  • January 3rd-ish – we get the first offer and January 10th – David confirms the new job and move
  • January 16th(ish) – I fly to Charlotte to find a place to live
  • January 18-20th – we deal with movers and packing and organizing and stuff AND I rent my place to some AWESOME tenants who I hope love my place the way I did……
  • January 26th – we leave for Charlotte, arriving on the 27th and on January 29th – David starts work

Crazy, right? Well, we survived and are loving our life here. But, that’s not to say that we didn’t experience some crazy in the days leading up to Jan 1 of this year!

And the tow arrives!

We thought it would be a great idea (and cheaper) to drive to Boynton Beach (Florida) to visit David’s folks – taking the dogs with us. It’s only 10 hours and the Explorer has driven longer and worse rides – or so we thought! We’re making GREAT time and then BAM! As we are leaving Titusville (near Cape Canavral – and 2.5 hours from our destination) I feel our speed slow….like from 77 MPH to 50ish? Oh, and yeah, we were supposedly in Cruise Control…. So I test the gas pedal – NOPE – and pull over into the right lane so we can pull off the 4-lane, construction-riddled highway, stop the car and turn off the engine. Turn it back on and: NADA….I mean, we hear the engine working, but the fuel pump is GONE!

Did I mention this was Christmas Eve? Oh, and it was 3:45 p.m.  on CHRISTMAS EVE.

Did I mention that this is where bugs decided to make a meal out of my ankle? So itchy!

But, we were fine; the car, not so much! We got a tow and David’s step-mom and sister came and rescued us (thankfully), after a quick tow to the WRONG place (stupid Allstate) and a nice conversation with the lovely tow-truck couple working together – their only reprieve from their 5 teenaged kids at home!

Here’s the greatest part – for the first time in, um, my WHOLE LIFE, I didn’t even worry – not for a minute. I think I’ve finally found the peace that my mother said disappeared during my tenure in New York and THEN SOME. I realized how lucky we were – I was with my kids (Gabby and Tia) and my best friend (David); we were safe and sound, uninjured and healthy; we got a tow, rescue was on the way and the car could be fixed; and in a worst-case – we’d pitch the car….it’s only a THING and THINGS can be repaired or replaced. We were about to visit family and eat…and eat…and eat…and eat….(did I say we would eat? yeah, we’re Jewish and that’s what we do to bond! food = love, fyi).

Barbara (2nd from the right end in black) at her Birthday Lunch with her friends Norma, Emily and Sharon. So nice of them to invite me to tag along!

If I thought you cared, I’d tell you all about our awesome time in Florida – but since Iwouldn’t care if I were you, I’ll spare you. The theme, however, is that we had a great time. And I even got to see my Uncle Jeff for a fabulous Birthday Dinner for Barbara at Joe’s Stone Crab!

Barbara and Paul at Joe's Stone Crab (Thanks Uncle Jeff! Dinner was DELICIOUS!)


 Our return trip was uneventful, but for the fact that David and I decided that today, New Year’s Day, we’d write down our goals for 2012, so as to avoid a broke-down highway of a year.

Heather, Brian and David at NYE

And then last night, to ring in our new year, we celebrated with new friends – and experienced a “new” (or new to us) part of Charlotte – Lake Norman!


Upon waking, I baked up a whole wheat Dutch Baby pancake, served with berries and powdered sugar, we watched football and at half-time we made good on our in-car commitment. The big ticket items include (in close to this order): being kinder to one another, showing affection more often to one another, (David) getting a new job, (me) taking more responsibility at work and getting a raise, GETTING A NEW CAR, selling one (if not both) Chicago homes (let me know if you know anyone, please!), making and/or having a baby (hopefully the AND, but the OR works….) and buying a new home. So, with that ring-in, I presume that we’ll have an amazing ring-out at the end of the year.

Peace out 11 & HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO 12!

Happy Healty and all that Jazz (said Gabby)

Wishing you happiness, health and all things good


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One Response to Chapter 8: Broke Down Highway

  1. Terra says:

    Happy New Year!!!!!! I am so happy you are safe after that interesting trip to Florida, silly car:-p Sounds like you had a fun holiday season! I predicated that 2012 is going to rock, Hugs, Terra

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