Chapter 6: If busy people get busier, what happens to them when they have more TIME?

Um, yeah, sure.

I used to say: “If only there were more hours in the day….” not that I ever finished that thought – I didn’t have to, everyone nods and says, “I totally know what you mean.” But I ask you, friends: what if you did have more hours in the day?

A few weeks ago, I was given “the gift of time” by one of my two employers. Good news: it was the part-time work and it had NOTHING to do with me….I remain flawless (hahah, just kidding). That said, it really wasn’t about me. Apparently, despite my “awesomeness” (yes, they called me awesome), it was “best for the business” (yes, at the busiest time of the year) because they “don’t have shifts that work with” my schedule (and, no, that’s kinda inaccurate, but I’m happy, so who cares.) So, back to my “gift of time” – yes, you can totally barf at that comment; it’s another way to say “we’re parting ways” or in the infamous words of Sir Donald Trump: YOU’RE FIRED!

Back to the subject at hand: more time.

I now have LOADS of it. In fact, in addition to my weekends – ALL WEEKEND! – I had extra time to take from my AWESOME primary job….and if I didn’t take it, I’d lose it. So I had last Wednesday off and yesterday (Monday.)  Here’s the issue: I don’t even know what to do with myself.

I obviously haven’t been blogging – I mean, clearly you’ve missed me. I haven’t been reading because, I HATE MY NEWEST BOOK (so much so that I can’t even remember what its called – but I will drop that for you soon, I hope!) and think I’m going to throw in the towel with it. I didn’t finish my holiday shopping. I didn’t write those two condolence cards I’ve been meaning to write for weeks. I did laundry, but didn’t fold it.

Thanks to my SIL, Beth, I have this beautiful apron for baking!

you tell me these don't look good!

I did make “my boys” (the crazy guys I work for) chocolate covered oreo-pops (don’t they look YUMMY?) and I did take the dogs for a walk this weekend. I will be baking up a storm next weekend for the 3 hannukah parties we are attending and I’ll need to pack for florida. BUT, I USED TO BE ABLE TO DO IT ALL PLUS WORK MY OTHER JOB AND HIT UP YOGA AND HIT THE GYM AND…AND….AND….AND..

So again, I ask you: what would you do if you had more time? would you use it wisely or would you dick around like I have. Yup, that’s what I thought!

GREAT quote. I wish I followed the advice!

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One Response to Chapter 6: If busy people get busier, what happens to them when they have more TIME?

  1. Gabby Angel says:

    Yes Rachael, if I had extra time I would no doubt use it just like you did! 🙂

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