Chapter 5: Attitude of Grattitude

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sorry I’m a day late (or a few) and a dollar short (or a few)….but we just got back from Arizona where we were visiting my mom.


We left on Monday and got back on Friday night – late – and it was a GREAT time. Thankfully, my sister in law lives in Phoenix, so both David and I could spent the holiday with our family; she came down with her kids and feasted with us on Thursday.

Speaking of which, I need to take this opportunity to share with y’all those things I am most thankful for this year – especially because my mom’s friends (who joined us for Thanksgiving and have for 10 years now……so they know better), usually try to skip our family tradition of sharing before chowing….and this year, they succeeded!

So here it goes:

I’m thankful that my family is healthy and happy; that my husband has is finding more opportunities and is confident that at least one of them will stick; that my sister is in loved and is loved back; that my mom has found some wonderful friends and is even contemplating a DATE!; that my dad feels good – or at least is telling me that; that my father in law is fighting the cancer and is being honest with its progress; that my mother in law is got to see all three of her kids this year – a couple times!; that I love my job and my colleagues…both jobs and both sets of colleagues; that we are settled here in Charlotte and that we are going to start a family as soon as the stars align Smile ; and I’m thankful for all of you – yes YOU!

WHEW, that was a long list, no?

I am also thankful that, while visiting my mom, I found a TON of photos that reminded me just how happy our family was – and reinforced my confidence that David and I can do no worse than that when the time comes.

See, we are both kids of divorce; adult children of divorce, to be exact. And, while I do remember that my parents argued – A LOT – I also remember that we were happy. My mom, bless her heart, was so worried that Steff and I don’t remember those times. So, when I combing the old albums at her house to find the Wonder Woman photo I tried to find for my You are all M-F Superhero post, I was pleasantly reminded (as was she) of all the great times we had as a family.

I don’t think I found many pictures where we weren’t all happy – and not the kind of happy you pose for pictures; really happy. Despite all the troubles my parents had, and there were many, I never once felt that we weren’t loved. Sometimes I feel that way now, as an adult, but as a kid, I never did. We never wanted for anything; we were encouraged to be ourselves; we were supported whenever we tried anything – good or bad – and we were healthy, happy, loving kids.

So mom, the next time you worry, please stop: sometimes, you just have to let go – know you did the best you could and that your kids know that. I had a good childhood; a happy childhood; an adventurous childhood and I love you.


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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