Book Review: The Dove Keepers by Alice Hoffman (aka What’s my problem with Alice Hoffman)


So, first I must admit to y’all – I haven’t finished this book.Dove Keepers I am stuck. It’s taking me forever…..I don’t know why, though. I picked it up after reading the below snippet Review

Amazon Best Books of the Month, October 2011: Yael was born of a dead mother and father who knows how to become invisible. Revka learned silence when her grandsons lost their voices after witnessing their mother’s brutal murder. Aziza became a boy to protect herself, and hates being forced to turn back into a woman. And Shirah will do anything to protect those she loves from the horrors of the world. The power and violence of these women is evident in every word of The Dovekeepers. Hoffman’s prose is vivid and unforgettable, scorching like the desert heat, and will stay with you long after you finish the last page. A story of sacrifice, endurance, and above all, survival, The Dovekeepers is homage to anyone who’s ever held fast to their beliefs in the face of nearly insurmountable adversity. –Malissa Kent

The problem is that I simply don’t like the book.  I thought it would be a really powerful book – maybe it would evoke emotion – I mean, really, the description sounded that way to me…..but NO. NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. ZILCH. The story is OK, but it is slow. Her characters are developed, but maybe too much so? The fact that the book chronicles the lives of 4 different women is confusing and, at the end of each section, I feel like they just END…..they don’t evolve and then finish….does that makes sense to anyone but me?

I’ve begun to think of reading it as a chore: Must Finish Book. Have you ever felt that way about a book? It’s simply awful – to be completely frank: it’s one of the worst feelings I have ever had.

So, I looked into Alice Hoffman’s other books and realized, I have picked up no less than 1/2 dozen, and not finished reading the first chapter of any of them. Why do people love her writing so much? do you have to be in a particular state of mind? I can read non-fiction faster than this bad-boy.

Friends, help me out here: what’s the problem I have with Alice Hoffman?

Rachael’s Grade:

Writing: B-

Character Development: B-

Plot: D

Eventually, I will finish the book – but please don’t wait for me to do it before you read this “review” I don’t think it will be any different when I finally finish the book than it is now….if it is, I’ll update!

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3 Responses to Book Review: The Dove Keepers by Alice Hoffman (aka What’s my problem with Alice Hoffman)

  1. Gabby Angel says:

    I had to double check, but I also have a couple of Alice Hoffman’s books. They are marked with some other books to donate. I haven’t been able to get through them either Rachael, so please don’t think you are alone. Probably for all the reasons you noted, I want to say don’t torture yourself in trying to read this book!

    • Rachael says:

      Gabby, thanks! I thought I was crazy! I am reading a new Philippa Gregory – which if you haven’t read any, you ABSOLUTELY should. They are all great! Also, did you hear about the new bookstore that Anne Pachet (another author I don’t love, but still) is opening? I’ll find the article and post.

      • Gabby Angel says:

        I have never read Philippa Gregorey, I will check her out and thanks Rachael! Thanks also for sharing the Anne Pachet news, too. I still am a bit behind on my reading, life gets hectic and the Kristin Hannah book you recommened is still untouched. I am embarassed to admit that, but hoping to get to it soon! 🙂

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