Thoughts from Savasana: You are all M-F Superheros

So let me begin by saying…there was another photo I wanted to use – one of my sister and I from Halloween, oh, about 28 years ago – one in which I was (wait for it)……Wonderwoman. But, mom can’t find the album among the boxes, so I’ll try to post it later. Ok, now on to the real stuff:

You know it’s gonna be a great practice when, as you are about to enter your first childs’ posture, you lean across your mat and say to one Sweet Tater:

 “Hey, we’re going to IHOP after practice, wanna join? Breakfast for dinner?”

and then you can’t stop chuckling (and neither can she) until you are well into the first 20 ujaiy breaths.

And so, that set the pace for the class. David joined me at Y2, which I LOVE! He’s not really “enjoying” it yet – but he recognizes that its good for him and Adam is the master of my Wednesday nights for a reason – his music is great, but moreover, his words resonate!

So last night he started by referring back to his favorite Halloween costumes. Like me, he too loved when he dressed as a superhero. There’s just something about the cape that makes you feel invincible. As a child, sure – that’s a given. As an adult – that’s when you know you have something special!

He shared with us a story he heard on the radio (I think it was radio, but whatevs) about how children define “Hero” and how that definition changes over time. At first it is the Marvel Comic type characters – the Wonder Woman, the Superman, Batman, Spidey, Green Lantern. Then it morphs to the every-day heroes: firemen, police officers, astronauts. As kids turn into teens, it changes again – though this time, I think those “heroes” leave much to be desired: LeBron James, the Kardashains, whatever!

modified 2006 halloween

What’s truly amazing to me, though, is that my heros have barely changed since I was a kid: my mom, my gammy, Wonder Woman!

     rach and shauna 2009 halloween

I love my gammy and my mom, but above all else, Wonder Woman is (and will ALWAYS BE) my idol. Not only do I want an invisible jet and lasso of truth, but I love the idea that her hair is flawless, her power is unmatched and her essence is pure and good. She is, in my opinion, the very definition of Girl Power. She’s human, and yet so much more!

So, as I went thru my practice, my intention was set: BE THE HERO.

I questioned what I do daily to make me into that person I long to be.

  • Do I move thru my day with good intention? Check.
  • Do I work to benefit others? Sometimes.
  • Do I support those around me with acts of bravery or selflessness? Not really, sometimes….kinda-sorta?!?

I think what my practice taught me last night is that, while no one expects you to be perfect, you can’t ever let go of that image of a “Hero”. It helps you become a better person. You probably won’t ever leap tall buildings in a single bound, nor will you probably have a symbol flashed into the night-sky to summon you to a disaster you’ll fix, but by being true to the image of the hero you’ve created, you can change the world.

By doing right to or for just ONE person, you’ve already changed the world.

And, so, as we closed out our practice, Adam declared us all M-F Super Heros….and I agree. Namaste, friends.

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