Chapter 4: Tuesday Curiosity: Trunk or Treat? Halloween in Charlotte

Last night was Halloween and I’m still not sure how this year has passed by so quickly!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve officially lived here for NINE months … can you believe? And truth be told, it’s starting to feel like home. We’ve got great friends and I love my job…..we’re somewhat settled into our rental home (or as settled as I want to be for now) and we’re not leaving.

The thing is, there are still some wierdnesses….things I JUST. DON’T. GET. For instance – last night was Halloween; and while I was totally unprepared with a costume (one of the perils of working 2 jobs), we did get our first trick’or’treater! Graciously, his mom let me take a picture of him… cute!DSCN0176

But what really got me curious – and maybe this is just a Charotte thing? is that I saw signs for “Trunk or Treat” all over town…..

and I simply didn’t get it. I questioned: “is it a trunk show?” but then thought – why on earth would it be a trunk show? that is weird…..until I drove home last night from work…..and saw this……


Ok, so maybe I’m just a big-city girl…..but here’s my big issue: WHY ARE YOU TEACHING YOUR KIDS TO GO UP TO STRANGERS’ CARS AND TAKE CANDY????????? ISN’T THAT THE DEFINITION OF STRANGER DANGER?!? 

Even the name – it sounds like you either get a treat or you get thrown in the trunk….right? or am I crazy? (probably both…..)

I mean, honestly, when I was a kid – if someone asked you to come near their TRUNK (of all places in the car) – even if it IS  on church grounds – and take candy or food or a puppy, you ran away and yelled “Stranger! Stranger! Stranger!”

It’s times like these that I genuinely question if I will ever truly fit in down here……

Until then, my kids will definitely NOT be “Trunk or Treating”……

Now, go brush your teeth or they’ll rot. Happy belated Halloween!

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One Response to Chapter 4: Tuesday Curiosity: Trunk or Treat? Halloween in Charlotte

  1. Kamaile says:

    I wondered what that was when I saw it at a church here in Dallas. That is the strangest thing now that i know what it is,

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