Thoughts from Savasana – a few days late…..

warning don't step on it!When I started this blog, I told y’all that I read a book a week. And, up until recently, that’s been the case – sometimes even reading 2 or 3. I realized, though, that I’ve lied to you (oh, and I HATE liars, as my friends will tell you, with a passion like none other). For this, I apologize!

Interestingly enough, I also realized Sunday during my Long Slow Deep (LSD) class with Maya at Y2 Yoga that there is a direct correlation between my weight gain (not much, but more than I’d like) and my lying to you: typically, I read at the gym. I read on the machines – yes, all of them: bike, treadmill (while running) and the elliptical runner. I can read 1/2 a book while doing my regular cardio workout, daily. For the past few months, I feel like I’ve been living a life that is not truly mine. I am constantly on the go, I rarely chose my own “activities” and earlier this week I decided: ENOUGH! I’m going to start going to the gym for me, not classes for others, and if I do hit up classes, I will do it only AFTER I complete my hour-long cardio workout. It will be like a little treat!

winged dragon So, as I sat for what felt like FOREVER in winged dragon pose (ok, busted…not really Savasana – but it counts)….and as Maya sat on my friggin back to get my chest all the way down the ground (which, BTW, it did!), I had plenty of time to think about how tonight I get to start over.

Tonight I’m having dinner with two of my very awesomest friends, Jen and Katie, to talk about the Rachael Weiss Project….Katie will be giving me my new “diet” and Jen will be talking me thru how to amp up my work-out to maximize results. What’s best about this is that I feel GREAT about this new challenge.

In the past, I’ve approached “fitness” and “weight loss” as something I HAD TO DO. It was a chore.  A box on the gold-star board in our house. It was a lot like making the bed – you just do it first thing when you get out of bed, right? Then, when I was a fighter, it became a matter of: do it or get your ass kicked. Now, it is do it because you can and you want to.

Most of all, though, I am doing it because I have a wonderful husband who deserves for me to be happy as much as I deserve to be happy. I have wonderful friends who support me and I am excited to start.

So please bear with me as I begin and complete this journey. Please keep reading and asking questions so that I know you, too, care. Please don’t hate me if I write a bit more about the diet than my books – though I plan not to do that; please keep me honest.

This new light in me honors the divine light in you….Namaste, friends.

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