The “Rachael Weiss Project”

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for some reality television programs – especially on weekends when I have little else to do or just don’t feel like doing the TONS of things I HAVE to do…. Reality TV is a great diversion. So, while not my favorite of programs, the Rachel Zoe Project (Bravo’s Rachel Zoe Project) has become the basis for the title of one of the craziest things I’ve done in a long time.

I’ve been a gym-rat for a long time. I was anamateur boxer for many many moons and have won my fair-share of fights.

About three years ago, I hung up my gloves. First, I was getting old for the amateurs. Most of the girls were still living at home, with mommy or daddy making their food, doing their laundry and the ONLY distraction was high-school. Not so much for me…..At 30, I was starting to think of becoming a mommy (not a daddy – that would be weird, right?) and my priorities had shifted. Second, it was getting so DAMN HARD to cut weight. 

And while I still exercise, I’m doing it like I used to – the problem is that my love for food has not diminished proportionately. Along with aging, I’m not digging my body right now and I need to get back to my comfort zone 😦  With that in mind, I reached out to two of my close friends and fitness/food gurus Katie Levans and Jen DeCurtins (aka Peanut Butter Runner) for help.

Here’s the gist of it: I’m relinquishing control over my diet and exercise schedule entirely. I am giving sole custody of each, respectively, to the fine ladies mentioned above.

I hope to chronicle this experiment, along with anecdotes, successes, frustration and otherwise, with you over the coming months. Words of encouragement will absolutely be welcomed. Words of demise, not so much. Suggestions must get cleared thru my PRW-rabbis (Katie and Jen)!

Launch date is still undetermined, but it’s on….oh, baby, IT’S ON!

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