Happy New Year!


shofarSounding my Shofar for Help…….

Hello my people! Or maybe not my people, but people in general 🙂 Last we met, I filled you in on a book I didn’t love so much by Dean Koontz. I will say, that despite my dislike for the book, it still made me cry. I am not ruining anything (because I know you value my opinion so much and won’t read it) by telling you: the dog dies. Which means, I cried my EYES OUT!

So, now here’s my dilemma: I am out of books – I need your suggestions! What are you reading? Please give a shout out on the blog so that I can try to find something new into which I can sink my eyeballs!

Separately, but no less important: Tonight is the Jewish New Year (L’Shana Tova to all) and, as such, I will not be able to attend my favorite class of the week! I’ve been a bit lax on my yoga. Last weekend was David and my FIRST anniversary – we went to Charleston and ate like PIGS (but it was DELISH)

 greece(our honeymoon in Greece)

and with the holiday tonight/tomorrow, I was invited to break bread with my friend, Tamar (http://childishmom.blogspot.com/). BTW, her husband is the Assistant Rabbi and so, they keep Kosher. SOOOOOOO, I had to adapt my Kugle recipe to be “non-dairy,” which meant that last night’s practice was clouded with self-doubt and worry about my culinary abilities! This means, I’ve not had the pleasure of a “Savasana Thought” worthy of sharing…..

Which brings me to YOU – please share your thoughts:

  • Why do you practice?
  • Why DON’T you practice?
  • WHERE do you practice?
  • Anything funny in your practice?
  • Anything you want to share? 

I’m all ears (and eyes, once you recommend a book!).

In the meantime, Apples, Honey and Happy New Year

apple honey

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