Book Review – or part of one….

A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog Named Trixie by Dean Koontz

big little life

I love dogs. I love my dogs, especially – Gabby and Tia are my best friends and loves of my life…on par with my husband, of course!

gabby and tia halloween (Halloween 2007?)

So, I automatically thought I would LOVE this memoir by Dean Koontz. I mean, what’s not to like – Koontz is a well-respected and  SUCCESSFUL author with more best sellers than I could dream of?!? Um, yeah – wrong!

My first mistake: I’ve never read one of these so-called “Best Sellers” so perhaps I wouldn’t have even liked those. My second mistake: don’t just assume a book about a dog is going to be good.

Koontz writes about his marriage and his successes/failures and, above all, his dog and the relationship he and his wife had with her. Trixie is his Golden Retriever and was adopted out of a “support dog program” because she could no longer perform her duties (knee or hip surgery). Some of the stories are quirky and others made me recall things my own dogs have done – but over all, I’ve been stuck 1/2 way thru the book for a week!!!!!

That NEVER happens. Moreover, I simply do NOT want to read it at night. Nor do I want to read it at the gym. I just don’t want to read it.

Koontz is NOT telling a story; nor is he even telling a series of short stories. Basically, in a word this book is: BORING.

My friend Tater, an avid cat-lover and my dogs’ babysitter this weekend


talks about her cats on her blog (click her photo). She’s dedicated a whole day to them….Caturday (as well as a page on Facebook – click the photo):

ralphie and weasel

and her recounting of their near-human and funny animal traits are more entertaining and more well-written than Koontz’s “novel.”

But, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I will finish it and I will tell you more when I do.  In the near-term, if you are considering reading it, don’t.

Rachael’s Grades:

Writing: B

Character Development: C

Plot: what plot! (F)

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