Freeform Friday

Hey everyone; thought I’d try something different for my Friday posts – and rather than post about books (though I did start 2 new ones!), I’d hit up on random topics of interest.

Since it is the Friday before Labor Day, I figured my two topics would either be “To Wear or Not to Wear (white after Labor Day)” or about Labor….. And it hit me this morning on my drive in to work (yes, we actually had to go in the Friday of the holiday weekend…..but we got out early!).

The two a.m. drive-time hosts were discussing the “Babysitter Bill.” (read the deets at: and I thought – WOW, is this for real?!?

Assuming not all of you clicked thru, here’s a quick summary:

Domestic workers shall no longer be exempt from other laws governing rights afforded to other workers. They shall be granted:

  • meals and rest breaks
  • overtime pay
  • reporting time pay
  • workers comp
  • uninterrupted sleep
  • use of kitchen facilities
  • paid sick days
  • paid vacation time
  • notice of termination

Here’s my take – in principal, I do think it unfair that domestic employees are not privy to those same laws that we, who work corporate or other types of job are. However… is JUST NOT PRACTICAL.

Riddle me this, Batman: who the heck will watch the sick, old, young or those otherwise-unable-to-care-for-themselves while said domestic worker is eating or just taking a 15 minute break? Does this mean that if you chose to have in-home child-care help, you must actually hire TWO people so that one can relieve the other for breaks? Who can afford that?

And, when the “original helper” gets fired because the family can’t afford to pay 2 “helpers” and instead opts for daycare or a nursing home (depending on the situation) because it’s the only economically viable option – we have yet another person out of work! And lord knows, that’s just want we want – an increase in unemployment!

I know, I’m all fired up, huh? Well,  here’s another reason:

I know many people who take on these responsibilities themselves, for their families – whether it’s a stay-at-home mom or a family member nursing another family member thru bad health.

When we moved to Charlotte, I met with someone for networking and he, very politely, asked “Do you intend to work OUTSIDE THE HOME” – thereby referencing that stay-at-home moms or wives, do, in-fact, work! So, would that make them Domestic Workers?

Should a mom be able to take a 15 minute break or 30 for lunch while babies Fric and Frac are roaming the house? Wouldn’t that be cause for Child Services to visit and possibly take the kids away? Or, should a stay-at-home parent get to ignore the children crying in the night (or wet diapers, hunger, etc.) because they are entitled to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep?

Oh, and don’t get me started on the merits of paying a 13-year old babysitter, who will watch my yet un-conceived children for 5 hours while David and I go out to eat, minimum wage + benefits! That’s just laughable!

Ok, you all get the picture, right? It just isn’t practical and I think it’s a waste of time. Let’s get focused on putting people back into jobs; get food on the table; kids in school and not shooting each other on the streets and turn our economy right-side-up.

And that, my friends, is my Freeform Friday rant.

Happy Labor Day Smile

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