Chapter One – Welcome Home

As a child, I was always creating new ways to entertain myself. My mother, instinctively knowing how my imagination ran, had Sesame Street characters painted on my wall – and at the ripe age of 12 months, I would “talk” to them for hours in my crib.

As I matured, I became infatuated with dolls – creating intricate storylines that would whisk me away for hours and hours….eventuallymorphing into the ultimate reader by the time I could translate word from page to brain and make sense of them.

It’s simple, really, reading allows me to live a life – or many lives – that would otherwise be impossible. I can be a slave in Alabama one day and a lesbian pick-pocket in London on another. I can become one with th story and forget myself for an hour, a day or a week – whatever I need at that moment, I can get.

I probably read a book a week – sometimes two – and for those who know me (and those who will get to know me, in time) I ALWAYS HAVE AN OPINION! Hence, the birth of LITTERACHI.

Oh, and I’m not a total book-worm – I look at reading with the same rose-colored glasses as I do shopping, baking, yoga, my husband, my dogs and laundry: Relaxation, Love and Home.

I look forward to getting to know you better and you me; stay tuned for chapter two 🙂

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One Response to Chapter One – Welcome Home

  1. Amy H. says:

    Love that you are blogging!

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